Monday, November 27, 2017

We are Committed to Delivery Excellence. Are you?

Brad Schneider, Co-founder & Advisor

In our business, as in all businesses, growth and change go hand-in-hand. As businesses grow, they must evolve their processes, operations, and management to continue to deliver products and services with the same quality and competency that helped to achieve growth in the first place.

As a customer experience agency, knowing our clients from the inside out is critical to our success. In less than two years, we have expanded from 150 people across three U.S. markets to 400 people in nine offices to support our expanding client portfolio. This rapid growth has prompted a shift toward a more efficient, local delivery model, which improves our ability to scale, and provides a higher quality of project oversight and guidance to those clients we know so well. Rightpoint is committed to delivery excellence because it is table stakes for us. But I’d say that every type of business should be focused on delivery excellence.

Our move toward a local delivery model represents a significant step in our maturation as an organization, and ensures that everything we do continues to revolve around our customer. This idea of “customer obsession,” which has been a driving force in our business, focuses on delivering excellence in client service and helps us gain customers for life.

Here’s how: Regional or market-specific delivery leads are focused on successful, and consistent delivery in each geography – everything from staffing to process to oversight to escalation. The executives in this role work with local account leaders to deliver reliable client communication and management, thereby improving project quality, customer satisfaction, onboarding, and retention across all national practices and offices.

Regarding the benefit of the new delivery model, Madlene Olander, our Delivery Lead in Boston, says, “In this role, I am able to provide more direct and consistent oversight and guidance to the project teams and engage more with regularly clients in the region. Ultimately this helps all of us to make a bigger impact for our clients.”

Brad Vesprini, Delivery Lead in Chicago adds, “Working across a single geography allows us to better manage the overall health of our clients’ portfolios by spending more time on each of their projects – those that are going swimmingly and those that are facing challenges. This broader view improves our ability to identify points of excellence and rectify inefficiencies that can be infused across the portfolio.”

Clients are at the heart of all our businesses – we would be nowhere without them. How are you committing to delivery excellence for your customers? 

Brad Schneider is the Co-founder and Co-CEO of Rightpoint. Follow Brad on Twitter and LinkedIn.