Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Fall into Movember Compassion Crew Update


Fall is my favorite season. I love the weather, the colors, and the facial hair. At Rightpoint, Compassion Crew has been prepping for what’s sure to be another memorable Movember.

Movember is a worldwide philanthropic phenomenon, where men grow mustaches and raise money during the month of November to promote awareness for testicular and prostate cancer and men’s health issues. Compassion Crew has organized Movember at Rightpoint for the past five years and the event gets bigger each year.

In the five years Rightpoint has done Movember, we have raised over $10,000. And it’s not just something that benefits men. In previous years, the company has contributed a matching donation to organizations such as Gilda’s Place and Bright Pink – and we look forward to doing that again this year.

While the dollar amount Rightpointers have raised for Movember has certainly been impressive, I look forward to every Compassion Crew event because it brings us all together to help those in need. Whether it’s volunteering a couple of hours, or donating some money to a worthy organization, Compassion Crew is a great outlet for me and my coworkers to give back to our community.

Compassion Crew has been busy this year. We held chili cookoffs to benefit local charities, helped clean up the Chicago River, planted a garden to feed HIV positive patients, packed personal hygiene kits for at-risk youth, and supported the Texas Diaper Bank to help those impacted by Hurrican Harvey.

Movember may be our largest fundraising event, but all of the events make me glad I’m involved in Compassion Crew. Whether it’s as simple as donating money to be able to wear shorts and sandals to the office in the summer, or something that requires a lot of planning like Movember, Compassion Crew truly offers something for everyone.

When people ask me to describe Rightpoint, I quote a fellow employee who once said “Rightpoint is what you make it.” I’m incredibly blessed that I work at a company that allows and encourages me and my coworkers to organize and hold events that give back to our communities. Whether the organization is local, national, or international, Compassion Crew consistently humbles me, witnessing the generosity of my coworkers.

Erik Abderhalden is a Lead SharePoint Consultant at Rightpoint. Follow Erik on LinkedIn.