Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Tech Tuesday: Running ASP.NET 4.6 Web Apps on Both Windows and macOS

Technology / Innovation

One of the best strategic moves Microsoft has made over the last several years is their investment of time and dollars into adoption of the .NET platform. The primary roadblock of the past was that .NET could only be run on the Windows operating system, including not only production hosting but also in development. Have a Mac? You're out of luck.

Well, until now. With the advent of .NET Core and the new Visual Studio for Mac development environment, Microsoft has made it possible to run both legacy and modern projects right on a Mac. Now those developers who previously turned to Java, Node.js or similar simply by default have an option to build on the .NET framework.

Learn how to run and debug legacy .NET applications on a Mac. 

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Brandon Barnett is a Senior Solution Architect, Application Development, at Rightpoint. Follow Brandon on Twitter and LinkedIn.