Friday, June 16, 2017

The Power of Smart Technologies Making College Campuses Safer with IoT

Innovation / Technology

Cities, universities, and communities alike are increasingly in need of specialized smart services and purpose-driven innovation to increase public safety. IoT and smart technologies can be instrumental in fostering public safety by facilitating crime prevention, increasing communication, and forming a sense of community.

Connected communities can provide opportunities to:

  • Positively impact sustainability practices.
  • Facilitate better asset management.
  • Allow for management of infrastructures.
  • Provide access to education.
  • Increase community-wide communication.
  • And improve overall safety in the communities.

At the core of any functional digital ecosystem is the intelligence gathered, its availability, and the translation of that information into something actionable. However, this cannot be done in a silo and requires accessibility within a shared network.

Connecting through data would allow communities to reach beyond those closest to them and expose critical information even further, allowing far-reaching communities to proactively prepare for any unforeseen or unimagined safety challenges.

Find out more about how smart technologies can increase public safety, and learn why these innovations will soon become the expected norm, especially on college campuses and universities — as students and parents both look to minimize exposure to campuses with ongoing safety challenges.

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