Friday, May 12, 2017

“Wow” to Now: 10 things we’ve learned in 10 years

Brad Schneider and Ross Freedman, Co-Founders

Today we celebrate a decade of Rightpoint and, perhaps not surprisingly, the word that comes to mind is “Wow!” From the very beginning, we have been driven by the principle that says, “satisfying is not enough – we aim to WOW!” Indeed, over the course of our first decade, we experienced many wow moments both internally and externally.  Of course, these moments have not come easily, and each one has provided an opportunity to learn and grow as a company. Here are 10 of our key takeaways from Rightpoint’s 10 years:

  1. Great minds think differently.

    As the co-founders of Rightpoint, our long history as friends and business colleagues is no secret. And while our philosophical views and approach to business are very much aligned, we have learned that it is our differences that have been the key driver to Rightpoint’s success. Leading by example, we push our teams to embolden one another by combining the best of each person’s individual talents in order to form a stronger unit.


  2. We are defined by our values, not our services.

    No matter how much we expand our services, our geography or our headcount, it is crucial that our values remain intact and that our culture is never diluted. In any business, mistakes will be made. Every challenge we have faced has become an opportunity for self-discovery, learning and making the changes that ensure we stay true to our core values. 


  3. The RIGHT people will turn out to be the BEST people.

    Rapid growth, like what we have experienced, can often lead companies to hire in a hurry.  Trying to retrofit people who are not a good fit with our agency is time consuming, draining and ultimately a hindrance to our long-term goals. Developing a hiring process that fits our unique needs has helped us to bring people on board who not only have the right credentials but who will also fit well within our company culture.  


  4. What others think matters.

    Brand value is not determined by a mission, a philosophy or a corporate mantra. Our brand value is meaningless if it is not resonating outside of our walls. By holding ourselves accountable – to ourselves, our clients, our partners and our community – we can earn the trust that will ultimately validate, elevate and define our brand. 


  5. Think Blink!

    Our “think blink” philosophy drives us to anticipate, adapt and innovate in the digital world - where everything changes in a blink. We must align with the best products and best partners and hold them to the same high standards that we hold ourselves. We must also examine and sometimes redefine the latest trends in order to make informed decisions that will place us and keep us (and our clients) on the leading edge.


  6. Some obsessions are good.

    Every single customer interaction offers a moment to build trust and foster our “customer for life” mentality. Yet in our business, being “customer obsessed” is twofold – creating outstanding customer experience solutions for our clients’ customers, while also ensuring that the process we engage in provides an outstanding experience to our clients.


  7. Humility is a virtue.

    While we are certainly proud to be recognized with industry awards and accolades for our work, the recognition that means the most to us comes in the form of satisfaction from our clients, partners and colleagues, and the knowledge that something we have done has made a difference. No matter how big we get, we must remember who we are, where we came from, and must preserve our “think big, start small” mentality.


  8. We are builders at heart.

    Our business is not driven by the traditional craftsmanship – wood working, electrical engineering, sculpture, etc. Yet, our ingrained builder spirit has always been the heart of our business – in the way we operate, the work we do and the way we think. As “digital builders” we craft from within, solving interesting and complex problems for our own business, our clients and our community.


  9. Communication can be the key to success, or the root of all evil.

    Good communication keeps the team aligned, informed and on task. Poor communication leads to confusion, redundancies, and chaos.  Need we say more?


  10. Strive to WOW, but have fun along the way

    As business owners, we foster an environment where work is taken seriously. We have always set the bar at WOW. Yet, whether we are sneaking in a game (or two or three) of billiards, shutting down for happy hour, or judging creative facial hair in honor of Movember, we recognize that that there are times when we don’t have to take ourselves too seriously.



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  11. The best is yet to come…