Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Tech Tuesday: Nintex Forms/Workflow for Office 365

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If you have been using Nintex forms for awhile you may have come across this issue. One day you submit a form and everything works fine then, all of a sudden, you go to access your form again and you get an error that looks like this: 


This is not a Nintex specific error code and it doesn’t really tell us much. What could be the issue here? If you do some searching on the web you will probably come up with answers that relate to a geolocation field or issues with the Taxonomy Hidden list. This could be the case but if neither of these relate to your form and you are still getting this error then you will have to do some more troubleshooting.

The Solution

My issue turned out to be a joint issue between my Nintex Form and my Nintex Workflow Task Forms. At one point in the workflow I was setting a User/Group SharePoint field with the value of the current logged in user. This value was being stored via a workflow variable in a Nintex Task Form. However, I made the mistake of selecting to use the "Login Name" value instead of the "Display Name" value. This means that when the workflow was trying to set the field it was using the user's login token which looks something like this: 

i:0#.f|[email protected]

You'll notice that this has some special characters in it that SharePoint fields do not like. One would think that this login token could be automatically resolved by Nintex Workflow when setting a User/Group field but unfortunately this is not the case.

So, when setting a User/Group field within a Nintex Workflow for Office 365 make sure to always use the orange function button to use Display Name or Email Address so it will pass in a string that the SharePoint column can read easily. 


After clicking the orange function button you will get a dropdown like this:


Note that the Login Name is always the default value. This is NOT the one that we want. Select either the Display Name or Email Address when setting a User/Group field with a variable in Nintex Workflow for Office 365.

Other Troubleshooting Steps

If this still doesn't resolve your issue there are a couple of other things you can try.

  • Create a personal list view and add every list column possible to the view. If you have a very large list with many columns you may need to create several views. Once you have all of the fields in plain sight inspect each one for special characters. For more information on special characters that you cannot use click here.
  • If your column values do not contain any special characters then inspect them again for fields that are required and do not contain information. If you have older versions of your form that were filled out before you set a field to be required then you might also get the same error. Verify that all required columns have a value and try your form again.
  • Contact Nintex Support with the Correlation ID and Tenant ID displayed in the error message. NOTE: This correlation ID will be unique each time you open a new form so try to contact them shortly after experiencing this issue or recreate the issue when you are on the phone with them.