Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Rightpoint Maker Rally Part 1 on Our Event Fostering a Maker Culture


Rightpoint fosters a culture of Makers, who are passionate about opportunities to positively impact social change. When a Rightpointer introduced us to EPIC, a Chicago-based organization that gives creative people the chance to use their talent for social good, a partnership only seemed natural. We volunteered to host one of their fall rallies, where EPIC pairs pro-bono creative talent with local non-profits. Rightpoint was paired with RIF Chicago, the oldest and largest children and family literacy organization in Illinois. After meeting the passionate folks behind RIF Chicago, our team of experience designers, visual designers, developers, writers, and strategists joined forces to create a donation platform and refresh their brand, ultimately enabling RIF Chicago to continue providing opportunities for every child in the city to learn and love reading.



So, What’s next?

With our capabilities to take a project from ideation and strategy to design through development, this assignment felt like the right fit for Rightpoint. After an exciting kickoff meeting, we got busy.

Our team began by conducting a content assessment and a heuristic evaluation of their current website followed by a series of brainstorming sessions where we leveraged key findings, research and experience from work we had done with other nonprofit clients in similar spaces. We also interviewed current and previous educators who have taught in schools and areas RIF Chicago serves. We found that RIF Chicago would benefit from refreshing their brand and re-evaluating current content.

We needed to connect RIF Chicago to the community by creating a donation platform with meaningful stories, impactful data, integrated social channels, while remaining scalable and sustainable by a small staff. The work from the sessions inspired us to take a 2 phase approach. Phase 1 is to design a responsive website that could capture donations and educate donors about RIF Chicago programs and their local impact. Phase 2 will include children focused content and activities designed to engage and encourage a new generation of children who love to read.

Stay tuned for more updates!