Monday, January 4, 2016

Rightpoint’s Most Popular 2015 Blog Posts

As we kick-off a new year, let’s first take a look back at Rightpoint’s most popular blog posts of 2015. By page views, here are our most popular blogs from 2015. Enjoy!

1. A No-Code Way to Hack SharePoint's URLs to Filter by Managed Metadata and Show Child Terms


Managed Metadata is a beautiful thing. Creating a query string that filters by a managed metadata field and shows child terms is not a beautiful thing. Thankfully I just found an efficient way to build a query string to filter by managed metadata while showing child terms and not requiring code of any kind. Read more…

2. Custom SharePoint 2013 Star Ratings with JSOM and SVG


Star Ratings for SharePoint 2013 Publishing Pages are boring. I decided I wanted to make them cool and learn some JSOM to boot. What’s JSOM you ask?  It’s the JavaScript version of SharePoint’s Client-Side Object Model (CSOM). Basically, it allows you to interact with SharePoint data with a client-side script. Read more…

3. Windows Universal App Series – Creating a Windows Universal App with Prism 5.0 & SQLite for Offline Persistence


I recently had the pleasure of working with a client who wanted to upgrade the platform of their Windows Mobile 6.5 Line of Business, inventory management app to something a bit more recent and cutting-edge. Their goal was to modernize their devices (the old device was a Motorola ES400), and update their software to something significantly more maintainable, scalable and extensible. Read more…

4. A Web Developer’s Guide to JavaScript Frameworks

javascript - Copy

When working at a technology consulting company, you get exposed to discussions about a lot of different technologies. With web applications in particular, these "water cooler" discussions will often revolve around the latest and greatest JavaScript frameworks. I have spent quite a bit of my career designing and building out the back end of applications - it's where I traditionally felt most at home. Read more…

5. Windows Universal App Series – Implementing the CQRS Pattern with a Segregated Data Model to Persist & Sync Offline Data to Azure DB via Azure Mobile Services


In the last post in my Windows Universal App Series, I talked about building a Line of Business app for an amazing client of ours that is used for on-site inventory management with their respective client(s). One of the major challenges that our client faced was that when they went on-site, it’s typically in large buildings whose structures aren’t conducive to 3G/4G signal, and therefore wanted an application that would allow their reps to download data to their devices before beginning their work – while they are outside and had signal. Read more…