Sunday, September 20, 2015

Salesforce's IoT Cloud - A Brave New World #DF15

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Aside from the surprise appearance of Motown hero Stevie Wonder at Mark Benioff's keynote, the most exciting announcement at Dreamforce 2015 was the announcement the IoT Cloud. If Salesforce's stated mission is to become the "customer success platform" that claim received a serious boost by the huge potential of integrating real time data with the World's #1 customer relationship platform.

The IoT ("Internet of Things") revolution is expected to grow to a staggering 75 billion connected devices by 2020 with 90 percent of all the data in the world  being generated over the last two years. IoT is here to stay and it is becoming increasingly clear that organizations that effectively learn how to navigate the massive amounts of data and identify meaningful patterns to drive new and unique customer experiences  will come out the winner in the digital economy.

Given the fact the fact that sales, marketing and service are in many cases are the front line employees and face of the organization having contextual information about a client is the key to anticipating customer needs. It's only natural that the best way for organizations to get that comprehensive view is within a CRM tool like Salesforce. At the heart of the platform is a data crunching engine appropriately named Thunder which essentially is the listening agent from commonplace devices like thermostats to websites, blogs and social outlets.

Organizations with deeper insights about their own customers would prospectively allow a front line employee to respond to downtime for a key part at their clients robotic assembly plant to replenishing an empty beer keg through remote monitoring. (yes you read that correctly!) Salesforce demonstrated with Cisco's CEO in the audience, how a Cisco customer service rep would automatically be notified if a switch in his customer’s network started to cause serious problems.

During his keynote, Benioff said that behind every connected device there’s a customer and wants to make it possible to better connect companies to their customers in a customized way. In it's own self-fulfilling prophecy Salesforce showcased none other than Microsoft as their launch partner in demonstrating the power of the IoT Cloud specifically in how they manage and service their Office 365 customers. Yes the IoT Cloud appears to be ushering in a brave new world where even what seemed to be irreconcilable competitors become trusted partners. Hardly a case of superstition Microsoft and Salesforce's new love story reflects how a data driven world is rewriting the rules of the digital economy.