Monday, June 1, 2015

On The Go With Salesforce - Driving Business From Your Mobile Device

It’s becoming increasingly important that the “world” is literally able to be at our fingertips. We should be able to communicate, listen, decide & act immediately, if needed, via our mobile device – especially when it comes to managing work. More importantly, it’s the accessibility that allows people to make impactful decisions quickly sometimes saving money, saving a deal, and preventing a competitor from sneaking in or simply maintaining your “work” world.

This brings me to my next point – the world of sales; and why having a platform such as Salesforce1 on your phone is so incredibly important and impactful. Take for instance a sales opportunity - the sales person’s main task is simple – it’s to sell and focus on selling and so if a prospect needs information while you’re on the road and you know your manager or a colleague may have the answer or information it’s not very efficient to pull over and get on your laptop and hope that you may get a Wi-Fi connection from a coffee shop nearby. With salesforce on your phone you can easily use features like Chatter or Collaboration to quickly @ mention a colleague or a manager and get the information in a matter of seconds. You get the information and can pass the information along to the prospect. In a perfect world that prospect may be waiting on that last piece of information to sign the contract so you can close the deal. You quickly send an email to the client directly from the opportunity in salesforce and the prospect responds with a signed contract. You can close the deal directly from your mobile device before your manager runs that next pipeline report.

You can also manage and update other information in Salesforce such as adding and updating Contacts, Account information, creating/updating activities/tasks and as mentioned earlier – Opportunity information. If you’ve just concluded a meeting and want to add notes you can pull up your Opportunity, add notes while the meeting dialogue and content is still fresh in your mind. All of this data can also be viewed on your customized dashboard directly from your mobile device. If there are documents such as Power Point presentations, proposals or excel documents you can also manage, update and create these directly from the app. You can also customize your feed by keeping the information that is most important and pertinent to you instead of sifting through a large amount of information and data.

As a manager you are also able to quickly get access to a team dashboard in real time to see where a particular team member is with an Opportunity or just get a quick, but holistic view of how the pipeline is looking. The mobile app is also a great way to collaborate with your team if they are on the road. Instead of writing an email and waiting for a response – managers can @ mention their team member on an Opportunity and ask questions and get response within seconds.

Overall, it’s well worth the few minutes it takes to download the app and can make your day a little easier and help you get the information you need quickly.