Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Build Notifications: April 29, 2015

Jason Sears, Sr. Solutions Architect, Chicago Technology Lead


Tim Chantome and I are in San Francisco this week at Microsoft Build 2015 soaking up the latest and greatest Microsoft has to offer. As part of a three part “Build Notifications” series, here are the key takeaways I gained from our first day.


Satya Nadella opened Build 2015. The central theme for this keynote, reinforced by each speaker, was Microsoft’s focus on empowering developers regardless of platform and form factor, and the support behind a Maker persona, which aligns with our values here at Rightpoint. Here are just a few takeaways:

  • Scott Hanselman announced “Visual Studio Code”, the newest member of the Visual Studio Family. This new, free, code editor makes it easy to develop cross-platform, with downloads for Windows, Linux, Mac. It can be downloaded here. Have a look at Scott Hanselman’s blog post for more information.
  • The most exciting Azure announcement for me was the introduction of Elastic Database Pooling – being able to associate multiple Azure SQL Databases into a single pool, while still maintaining separate isolated databases. Users are able to define strict performance SLAs to dictate pricing. What is particularly cool is that now with a single connection string, you can supply queries to traverse all the databases. I’m curious the implications of this for applications making use of traditional multi-tenant databases. Additionally, Azure SQL data warehouse and Azure Data Lake Service were announced; check out the respective posts from Techcrunch for great overviews.
  • The new web browser previously titled “Project Spartan” has been officially announced as “Microsoft Edge”.
  • HoloLens was reviewed in more depth. All Universal Windows Apps can be placed as holograms. With a tap of a finger, you can pin these holograms to physical surfaces. Using the vocal gesture “Follow me”, holograms can detach from a surface and trail behind the user until he or she decides to pin them to a new surface. A presentation was given by the Cleveland Clinic showing a glimpse into HoloLens applicability to academia.

Line for the escalator to the keynote!

Maximize Your Coding Productivity for Apps, Devices, and Services with Visual Studio 2015

  • Targeting more platforms out of the box, including out of the box support for Android
  • Categories in the Notifications view to reduce clutter
  • The ability to save named layouts of our workspace and apply these different layouts
  • Enabled touch in the editor, including support for pinch and zoom, etc.
  • CodeLens to be supported in both the Professional and Enterprise editions of Visual Studio 2015


What's new in F12 for Project Spartan (Edge)
and Introducing the New Browser and Web App Platform for Windows 10

  • Tools for IE11 and Windows 10+ are frozen
  • Full steam ahead for Microsoft Edge
  • Using the new EdgeHTML rendering engine
  • Focus for Edge is beyond just a new coat of paint:
    • Only browser with Cortana
      • Integrated support throughout to custom mold Edge based on your preferences and history
    • Distraction-free, offline reading
      • Ability to view a page trimmed down to its core content
    • Built-in note-taking & sharing
      • Annotations on pages – through pen or hand

New features being included in Edge. Check out for the most up-to-date features:


A Lap Around .NET 2015

  • The road ahead for .NET focuses around three pillars:
    • .NET Innovation
    • Open Source
    • Cross-Platform
  • .NET Core Preview Support Cross-Platform 
    • .NET Core 5 on Windows
    • .NET Core 5 on Linux
    • .NET Core 5 on MacOS
  • .NET Foundation
    • / @dotnetfdn
    • Announced at Build 2014, the .NET Foundation is a community to foster open source development and discussion around the .NET framework.


Overview for ASP.NET 5 and the differences between .NET 4.6 and .NET Core 5


Solid graphic of .NET’s space for 2015


Looking forward to tomorrow!


Jason Sears