Sunday, February 1, 2015 Which Browser Is Best?

With Spring ‘15 release, Internet Explorer 7 and 8 are no longer supported. Most of us have already said goodbye to IE 7 and IE 8, but have all of your users? Old habits die hard. Security alone should be a good enough reason to move on, but now here is another excuse. Check your login history (Setup | Manage Users | Login History) to make sure all your users are using latest versions of browsers.

So which browser is best? Well, that depends on what you work on the most. Here is the breakdown:


There is a laundry list of features that do not resolve or work properly for IE in general. For the full list, click here. Use this browser for Standard Mail Merge, Installing Salesforce Classic on a Windows Mobile device, and Connect Offline. IE is my least favorite option. (Disclaimer: I’m a MAC user). However, if you are an Office 365 user it might be worth the pain. IE 9 or IE 10 are a minimum requirement.


Chrome is my go-to browser for just about anything. Since it updates automatically I’m not as worried about being out of date. If you have more than 8GB RAM it’s the recommended browser for the Salesforce Console. It is not supported for the ‘Add Google Doc to Salesforce’ browser button or the Console tab. For MAC users, make sure to have the system settings ‘Show Scroll Bars’ set to Always.


To get the most out of Salesforce with Firefox you will need to configure the browser with specific preferences. If this is your browser of choice it will be worth the extra step. For details on configuration go here.


The full Salesforce site isn’t supported for Safari on iOS. If you use the Salesforce Console, CRM Call Center or Analytics Cloud you are out of luck. If not, and this is your preference, you should have the same experience as other browsers. For MAC users, make sure to have the system settings ‘Show Scroll Bars’ set to Always. Versions 5.x and 6.x on MAC OS X are a minimum requirement.

In the Salesforce Administrator dreamland everyone would be on the same browser, with the same security settings and follow safe browsing practices. Then there’s reality. The least we can do is make recommendations and configure their preferences for optimal efficiency and performance. Check for your Spring release date here.