Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Rightpoint Field Guide to Common SharePoint List and Library Filters

Several years ago I cobbled together a list of common view filters that I was using over and over again. Since then, almost every time I've worked with individuals who manage a SharePoint site or when I create a training guide, I reference this list to help clients create views to meet their needs. Since I've been writing a lot of documentation recently, I thought I'd do the world a favor and publish the list. I don't think everyone loves documentation as much as I do, so feel free to utilize the contents of this post in your own training materials.

None of these are particularly earth shattering filters, but instead are a starter set of tools that set up power users and admins for success with their SharePoint site. And all of these can be built without cracking open SharePoint Designer. All you need to do is edit the list’s view and start filtering away.

Two caveats:

  1. When creating these filters, be sure to omit any spaces between values in braces [ ] and equations. I.E. [Today]-7.
  2. If you're using a calculated column in any of your filters and want to filter by [Today] or [Me], you'll need to utilize this classic workaround.

Filter By


Items Created/Changed  

Recently Changed Items in the Past Week

Where Modified is Greater than [Today]-7

Show Items Created in the Past Week

Created is Greater than [Today]-7

Show Items Created in the Past Two Weeks

Created is Greater than or Equal To [Today]-14

Items Created by Me

Created By is equal to [Me]

Updates Made this Past Month

Modified is greater than [Today]-30

Archived Files

Date Modified is Less than December 31st 2010

Due Dates


Items Due Today

Due Date is equal to [Today]

Overdue Items

Due Date is less than [Today]

Items Due Within a Week from the Current Date

Due Date is Greater Than [Today]-7 AND Due Date is Less Than [Today]+7

Display Until


Display Announcements Until Today

Display Until is Less Than or Equal To [Today]

Events Coming Up in the Next Month

Date is Greater Than or Equal to [Today] AND Date is Less Than or Equal to [Today]+30

Calendar Events from Last Week and Those For the Upcoming Week

End Date is Greater Than or Equal to [Today]-7 AND Start Date is Less Than or Equal To [Today]+7