Sunday, February 23, 2014

Top 5 ways that’s Service Cloud will change the way you interact with your customers

Case Management

Service Cloud offers a Service Console which allows you to prioritize your cases by source, date, urgency, and product topics. Based on this criteria, you can auto assign cases to your team members to resolve. Stay organized with every case that hits your console to reduce your resolution time.



In the 21st century, customers expect companies to be connected via social channels outside of phone and email: Facebook, Twitter, Chat and Blogs. Service Cloud allows you to manage your cases from any of these social outlets and respond right back to them in the format they prefer. It also gives you visibility into what your customers are saying, good or bad, about your company.


CTI Integration

Integrating your phone system to Service Cloud has several benefits to the customer’s experience. Reduce the amount of time it takes to locate your customer’s information with a pop up window that provides all of their contact, account and opportunity details right at your fingertips, which will cut your response time. Click to dial eliminates wrong numbers and automatic activity logging ensures that no calls will go undocumented therefore giving you more time to resolve customer service cases.



Give your customers access to a knowledge base where they can search for articles, ideas, FAQ’s or step by step instructions to help them resolve their questions or issues. This also gives your customers a place to communicate and collaborate with others to solve their issues, which will reduce the amount of customer service tickets in your queue.


Reports and Dashboards

Track and gain visibility into the metrics that matter most to your team. Would it be important for you to see what customer service reps are closing the most amount of cases? Conversion by source? First call resolution time? Customer service satisfaction scores? Incidents by Category? If you answered yes to any of these, then Service Cloud is the right solution for your business