Monday, November 11, 2013

Underused CSS3 Styles

As I continue to become more literate in CSS, I come across CSS snippets that are eye catching, easy to use, and/or just get the job done with little to no effort required. I then hope I can apply it to a project of mine only to learn that a requirement is to support IE9 or below. Unfortunately, many of the sweet features in CSS3 are unsupported by the old browsers (main culprit: Internet Explorer 9 and lower). So these examples here are meant to be an eye opener for those of you who may not know the power of CSS3 and a plea to use the updated browsers so that myself and other web developers can create beautiful websites that take advantage of the tools CSS3 and modern browsers have to offer.

Click here to check out this gallery with working examples of my favorite underused CSS3 styles