Monday, November 7, 2011

Bzz About A New BzzAgent App

Technology / Mobile

BOSTON, MA (October 2011) – BzzAgent, a leader in word of mouth marketing, wanted an iPhone app that would put their marketing information and tools at people’s fingertips. The new app does just that by bringing the core BzzAgent experience to the iPhone. Agents no longer need to be sitting at a computer to share their experiences about a product with the world. Posting reviews, photos and videos to Facebook and Twitter, and submitting BzzReports now happen on location and instantaneously.

The application is tied into the core BzzAgent business. It allows their existing agents to instantly harvest photographs. This was previously possible but the nature of the latest mobile photos makes this much easier. You no longer have to download the photos from your camera to your computer and then upload them. Everything happens in one step.

Mobile applications are about capturing the moment. The ability to spontaneously share a brand moment allowed BzzAgent users to share their experiences as they happen instead of waiting until they are back at their computers.

In the days after the app launch, BzzAgent quickly saw photos and reports pouring in. The team is now exploring how to take this success further both in terms of platforms and impact.

iPhone displaying the IOS version of the BzzAgent app


About BzzAgent
BzzAgent, a dunnhumby company, is a social marketing company that accelerates word of mouth to drive sales. Powered by an addressable network of over 400 million shoppers around the world, BzzAgent creates measurable business results for marketers through an influential advocate network, a powerful engagement platform, and a proven analytics approach. BzzAgent has been at the vanguard of word of mouth marketing since 2001. To date, BzzAgent has run more than 2,000 programs for global companies. For additional information please visit


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