Thursday, October 27, 2011

Microsoft Updates Dynamics CRM 2011 with New Features and Enhancements

David Snuckel, Senior Site Reliability Engineer

It’s that time of the year that Microsoft rolls out the updates for Dynamics CRM.  This release is the first since Microsoft has announced its new program for Dynamics CRM that provides two yearly updates.  With this release, Microsoft brings additional capabilities and features to Dynamics CRM.

The most exciting part of this update relates to the feature enhancements. In particular, the business intelligence enhancements and the new social features seem to be the most impressive.

One of the most useful features that have been enhanced surrounds the business intelligence capabilities.  These enhancements extend the charting and dashboard toolsets within Dynamics CRM, drastically allowing for a greater range in visualizing data. Charting now allows for multi-series charts and stacked charts, which provides a way to stack or overlay different sets of information for comparison purposes.  Previously, this had to be done by exporting the chart and editing the chart xml outside of the Dynamics CRM platform.


With the update, Activity Feeds will now exist within the Workplace area of Dynamics CRM. Microsoft describes this feature as being very similar to Twitter and Facebook.  Users will be able to follow activities and updates of just about anything in Dynamics CRM.  Information can be posted manually by users or workflows can be utilized to post the information automatically.  With this, information can be shared in a quick and organized structure to enable better collaboration and communication through an organization.



For a full list of the features and enhancements available in the update, refer to the Q4 2011 Service Update document.