Monday, January 11, 2010

Living in the Social Media Age: Are You?

Living in the Social Media Age: Are You?

More than 56% of marketers plan to incorporate social media into their businesses next year, according to a recent survey by the Center for Media Research.


With so many social media channel options to choose from, which one do you use for your marketing communications strategy?

In July 2009, Russell Herder and Ethos Business Law study of national business leaders highlighted that the most popular social media channels were the following:

  1. Facebook (80%)
  2. Twitter (66%)
  3. YouTube (55%)
  4. LinkedIn (49%)
  5. Blogs (43%)

In my first blog post, my audience confirmed that Facebook and Twitter were the most popular social media platforms.  So, as a marketer, should I use the most popular social media channel or a combination of both?  Well, the short answer is that it depends.  Since each tool works in a different way and with the social media landscape changing everyday, the key is to find out what your targeted audience likes to use.

The bottom line is that you need to be a part of A conversation because these conversations are happening, whether you are in the social media game or not.  My next post will be focused more around SharePoint as that platform for an enterprise to build that social computing platform upon.