Friday, January 1, 2010

What’s Up, World?

Chris Domino, Director, Enterprise Architect

As I start my blogging with Rightpoint, I failed to properly introduce myself with a cliched "Hello World" initial post. Or, in my vernacular:

What's up, World?

Anyways, hi, I'm Domino (coming soon-ish). I started with RightPoint a few months ago, and as I shake the dust off from a stagnant, live-in-fear 2009, I look forward to a 2010 (which starts today!) filled with more blogging, more community involvement, and of course more code. But most importantly, I am hoping simply for a resplendent year. And not just in terms of technology, but also with attitudes.

I would love nothing more than for 2010 to be an economic, social, and personal renaissance for everyone. I canceled my TV service, deleted my Facebook account, quite smoking, (well...pretty much...I mean...come on...) and revamped my workout routine. The goal is to spend more time doing what I love, and less time not doing anything at all.

So what is it that I love? I love building beautiful software. I can image that describing something as ethereal as software as beautiful can sound rather pretentious. But there have been certain times when I've hit F5, held my breath for a new seconds, and then finally muttered, "My God, it's beautiful" when exactly what I intended appeared on the screen.

I've been professionally beautifying software since 2004. I started in .NET 1.1, and following a two year project when I did SharePoint 2003 almost exclusively, that technology has become my specialty. I think I knew I was in for a serious relationship with SharePoint when I got my first event handler to work on a document library. This event handler was like a love child SharePoint and I had together.

And as we raised it together over the course of the project, I decided to embrace SharePoint, and make it a technology that I can trust. I was sort of like a girl who falls for an asshole guy. She knows what she's getting into. All her friends warn her that he's not the right technology for her. But she is convinced that she is the one who will tame him; she will show the world the good and decent technology that's trapped inside the layers of douchey web services, application pools, and fully trusted assembles installed in the GAC.

Over the years I've tasted a bit of success with SharePoint, but I would like to share my recent honor right here: I am a SharePoint 2010 Subject Matter Expert! This means that Microsoft flew me to their headquarters last month to leverage my experience with SharePoint in "the real world" to improve the new version of the product. My NDA precludes me from divulging anything further, but trust me, our lives are going get a lot easier.

But hopefully, this title, along with acquiring all the TS's 2007 had to offer, (and being a SME then) gives my rants a bit of credibility. My goal is to use this "SharePoint street cred" (as I call it) to blog about some of the more creative solutions I've come up with, SharePoint or otherwise. Sometimes, yeah, it's hack-and-go to make the client happy. But mostly, there are elegant solutions lurking in the shadows, camouflaged by overly conservative best practices, laziness, and ignorance.

My goal is to fight through these obscuring factors that ruin software, and share these solutions with everyone.

Welcome to my blog; my thoughts; my ideas. Hopefully you'll have as much fun reading as I do writing.

So happy New Year! And indeed, happy New Blog!