Thursday, November 19, 2009

BI vs IB? A palindrome?

Here is my latest rant.

You've all heard this pesky acronym called BI.  Does it stand for:

  1. Barely Intelligent? (Don't laugh, you just put someones face with that one, didn't you?)
  2. Business Inept? (That one stung a little bit, didn't it?  You know you are the ONLY person who truly understands how your buiness works and you can't believe you haven't been promoted yet.)
  3. Business Intelligence? (Ding Ding.  That is an acceptable answer.  But... Is it that the only answer?)

Hang in there with me for a second before you dismiss this idea.  Is your business intelligent?  Not really, but your key data consumers are intelligent about their business.  I think the BI industry has it all wrong.  I think BI should be rethought and re-packaged to be IB (Intelligent Business).

If you are a decision maker responsible for P&L, JIT inventory, etc., you want to make your decisions based on the fact you are running an Intelligent Business.  You've read in my previous blogs about KPA's vs KPI's,etc.  Isn't all this industry hub-bub really just about helping your company understand how your KPI's impact your KPA's so you can make adjustments to your business plans?  Of course!

So with that being said, I think Intelligent Business is the execution and exhibition of the following must-have characteristics:

  1. Knowing their data
  2. Controlling their data assets
  3. Commanding their business drivers

I'm here til Thursday.  Try the veal...