Reimagining Cadillac’s User Experience

Rightpoint worked with Cadillac to reimagine their user experience and redefine what luxury is in a digitally enabled world.

“We are thrilled to have worked with Rightpoint on the brand new Six Flags iPhone and Android apps. It is no surprise that our apps launched to great accolades and a very solid ranking in the app store, a consistent 4.5 stars since launch."

Sean Anderson Director of Interactive and Mobile Services, Six Flags
What We Deliver

Custom Web Applications & Cloud Platforms (Azure / AWS / GCP)

Emerging Technology (Augmented & Virtual Reality)

Design Systems

Voice & Conversational Assistants

The Truth About D2C: Patience and Data Collection are Virtues

Before embarking on your D2C journey, consider these five truths about the process and how a partnership with Rightpoint can meet them head-on.


Enabled the prodution of medical devices and an innovative digital adherence platform for diabetes management on cloud, IoT and voice.



Leveraged IoT to enable fully connected homes, empowering consumers to control their garage doors from anywhere—earning the company 65% market share.


General Motors/Cadillac

Enabled an all-electric future by designing a revolutionary connected, immersive in-car experience for the Cadillac Lyriq, GM's first fully electric SUV, which included a 34-inch curved in-car display.

Developed a two-sided marketplace and set of mobile apps for one of the leading networks in the global care economy.