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Whole Lottie Love

Learn more about Lottie animation for iOS, Andriod and Web. Find out how you can use the Bodymovin After Effects extension and Lottie to add animation to your Android projects.

UIView Animation Sequencing and Grouping Techniques

Learn more about UIView animations. From cabasicanimation to animation sequencing, discover how to eliminate nested code blocks and make creating complex UIView animations painless by choosing the right animation framework.

RZAssert Yourself: Supercharge Your Assertions with New Macros from the Fine Folks at Raizlabs

As a codebase grows in size and complexity, every new line of code poses an incremtertally greater risk of breaking existing functionality. For developers working together on a project, the question quickly arises: “how do […]

Handle Your Heartbleed: 5 Ways to Help Security and UX Coexist on Mobile

Now that the cyber security dust has settled and the internet is once again a “safe” place to play, it’s a good time to ponder what we as developers are doing to ensure the security of our software while still maintaining a high bar for user experience. Even in the face of an internet that yields a seemingly endless supply of jerks trying to steal their data.

Hunting Your Leaks: Memory Management in Android (Part 2 of 2)

Learn more about Android Memory Management and how it helps keep tabs on what you reference in the course of developing an Android app. Learn lessons on weakreference android, memory android and dalvik Android with detailed practices for memory management in Android to keep your computer running smoothly.

Getting the best behavior from phone call requests using ‘tel’ in an iOS app

Learn more about using telprompt as an alternative request to tel in iOS telephone hyperlinks. Get better behavior from tel call requests within your native iOS app.

Specifying the Build Configuration for Xcode Project Dependencies

Learn more about Xcode subprojects. From an Xcode build to Xcode build settings, discover how this technique can be useful when doing iterative development on a static library when there is a reason to provide different build configurations.

NSAttributedString Creation Helpers

NSAttributedString is a great addition to the iOS SDK. Since the release of iOS 6, we are able to use NSAttributedString with UIKit, assigning it to UILabels and  UITextViews. Here is the code for creating this  NSAttributedString: “(middleContent)” (with […]

Leveraging Auto Layout for Dynamic Cell Heights

Like most people, I think strictly in constraints and have made autoresizing masks a thing of the past. Discovering the joy of auto layout with the introduction of Xcode 5 has been amazing, but I’ve found there are still a few common tasks auto layout couldn’t solve.

5 Tips for Happy Team-Based iOS Development

The iOS app ecosystem has evolved into an incredibly diverse landscape of products and approach. From simple, single-purpose utilities and games, to complex, multifaceted e-commerce experiences.