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RZAssert – iOS Assert Logging

Wrong assumptions are the bane of every programmer’s existence. Oh, you thought that number was always going to be non-zero? Guess again. What’s that? You never expected that conditional to fail? It just did. You […]

iOS Typography: Stop Saying “No” to Designers

Learn more about iOS Typography. From tracking typography to typography ascenders, discover how you can stop saying “no” to designers who ask you to reproduce advanced typographic effects on iOS.

Protocol Extensions in Swift 2.0

Swift Protocol Extension with Swift 2.0 expands the reach of protocols. Swift protocol default implementation allows the existing protocols to be extended with additional methods. See how Swift 2.0 works best including the classic way to generate random numbers with arc4random.

Six Flags and Google App Development

Spicing Up Xcode

Learn more about Xcode shortcuts. From Xcode keyboard shortcuts to Xcode tips, discover a few tricks that can greatly speed up your work in Xcode.

How to Script macOS Keyboard Shortcuts

Learn more about creating macOS keyboard shortcuts. From shortcuts to terminal mac to adding keyboard scripts, read on to get started customizing keyboard shortcuts for your Mac.

KVO and Data Binding in iOS Made Simple

It is said that All problems in computer science can be solved by another level of indirection. -David Wheeler The same is often said about levels of abstraction. But with abstraction comes the problem of […]

UIView Animation Sequencing and Grouping Techniques

Learn more about UIView animations. From cabasicanimation to animation sequencing, discover how to eliminate nested code blocks and make creating complex UIView animations painless by choosing the right animation framework.

Raisin Toast – A Custom UIAlertView for iOS

Learn more about how Raisin Toast iOS offers the user a customizable messaging layer. From UIAlertView Objective C to custom UIAlertView, see how Toast iOS makes it easy to add to your UIAlertController Objective C as a UIAlertVIew to build better apps.

RZAssert Yourself: Supercharge Your Assertions with New Macros from the Fine Folks at Raizlabs

As a codebase grows in size and complexity, every new line of code poses an incremtertally greater risk of breaking existing functionality. For developers working together on a project, the question quickly arises: “how do […]

Handle Your Heartbleed: 5 Ways to Help Security and UX Coexist on Mobile

Now that the cyber security dust has settled and the internet is once again a “safe” place to play, it’s a good time to ponder what we as developers are doing to ensure the security of our software while still maintaining a high bar for user experience. Even in the face of an internet that yields a seemingly endless supply of jerks trying to steal their data.