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Tools We Love – iOS and Android

This time of year is often associated with greeting cards and chocolate, but the team at Raizlabs is showing the love by opting out of flowers and into sharing our favorite tools. We love developing […]

Fixing Controls in Scroll Views on iOS

Learn more about UIScrollView. From ScrollView iOS to UIScrollView iOS, discover how our workaround keeps your UI feeling smooth and consistent with the design language of iOS.

SIGTRAP: Decoding A Cryptic Objective-C + Swift Crash

In 2015, Raizlabs switched over to Swift for all iOS development. The move has been rewarding; Swift’s commitment to type safety and optional handling decreased our overall defect and crash rates (and increased developer happiness.) […]

Introducing RIGImageGallery

RIGImageGallery is a component from the Raizlabs Interface Guidelines, which is a set of UI components that offer sensible defaults to help a project get off the ground quickly and feel native to the platform, […]

Cleaner Credit Card Detection in Swift

Learn more about how to detect credit card type using Swift. From credit card prefixes to finding the credit card type by number, discover how auto-type detection is a nice UX touch for making a form feel responsive and quickly informing the user of validation issues.

Method Dispatch in Swift

Learn more about how Swift Method and Swift dispatch works. From direct dispatch to nsobject in Swift, take a tour through method dispatch and understand a bit more about using Swift.

Why Firebase: The Good, Bad, and the Ugly

Learn more about the Firebase Database service. From seeing exactly what Firebase is to what Firebase is used for, click here to observe how this real-time database is unrivaled when it comes to how quickly you can move as a developer.

Introducing BonMot 4: Now With Dynamic Type

I wrote BonMot quite by accident. I just wanted to document some typographic tips and tricks that I had learned. NSAttributedString and TextKit are powerful, but they can be impenetrable, and I wanted to shed some light […]

Writing Libraries for Swift 2.x and 3.0 Compatibility

Learn more about Swift libraries and how to check the Swift versions for compatibility. Discover how to check swift versions and swift libraries from expert developers, and develop a strategy for using the Swift Standard Library and Cocoa libraries in a call site-compatible manner.

Preparing Your iOS App for Extensions

Learn more about iOS app extensions. From iOS share extensions to adding core data to existing project, discover how to easily adopt new app extensions as they are introduced and set your app up for success by ensuring it adheres to the latest Apple architecture best practices.