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Getting Started with HealthKit

Getting Started with HealthKit

Out of sheer curiosity, I often find myself checking my daily step count on Apple’s Health app.  In an attempt to get a basic intro to Swift, I sought out to replicate this functionality by creating my own custom application.  In this post, I’m […]

Testing Phones

XCTest Line by Line

Note: this article is up to date as of Swift 5.0 and Xcode 10.2 XCTest is Apple’s framework for testing code and user interfaces. It provides a variety of methods for testing equality, comparison, and […]

Enhancing ARKit Image Detection with CoreML

ARKit is quite good at tracking images, but it struggles to disambiguate similar compositions. Core ML can help fill in the gaps. ARKit Image Tracking ARKit is a powerful tool that allows developers to create […]

Investing in Interns

Find out why RightPoint iOS Developer intern Luke Andrews isn’t looking forward to his summer as an iOS developer intern ending. What all did Luke learn while working as an iOS intern?

Tools We Love – iOS and Android

Learn more about Android Developer tools. From Android tools to iOS developer tools, discover our favorite Android and iOS tools that help us spend more time writing code, and less time in the spaces in between.


Automating Input Events on Android

Learn more about Android shell commands. From Android KeyEvent to ADB shell, see how to automate your processes and simplify your workload.

Linear Interpolation and Fading Hairlines

Using linear interpolation code for computer graphics can help make your iOS apps look better. Learn more about linear interpolation and how two point linear interpolation best works for your needs. See examples in a Linear Interpolation case study and learn how you can use it in your own apps.

IB Free In Practice Logo

IB Free in Practice 1: Managing a Modal

This series of blog posts will provide examples of how we develop Swift applications without IB and demonstrate some general strategies for app architecture. For this first post, I’m going to cover presenting and dismissing […]

Localized Pluralization with Stringsdict

Learn more about swift localized strings. From xcode localization to nslocalizedstring, discover our tips on localization and pluralization that will make it easier next time you create user-facing strings that contain numbers.

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XCTest and Optional Unwrapping

XCTest is designed to help write tests in Swift and is used for Swift packages and applications. The preferred unit test Swift organizes test cases and asserts expectations in your application code. One of the biggest challenges to Unit Testing in Swift is often the setup. XCTest helps manage optionals Swift, Swift guard let and Swift assertions. Learn the problem with XCTest and the simple fix to help you use it in a more efficient way.