"New Features in SwiftUI (iOS15), Part Two"

Lists have become more powerful in iOS15, some of the new features/improvements done in lists are as below: 1. Swipe Actions 2. Refreshable 3. ListRowSeparator and ListRowSeparatorTint 4. Bindings as List Iterator Swipe Actions Left and right swipe actions like edit, delete, etc for list items can be added using the swipeActions modifier. We can […]

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"New Features in SwiftUI (iOS15), Part One"

Hi, I am Anjali Aggarwal, an iOS developer at Rightpoint. Through this blog, I would like to share some of the new features introduced in SwiftUI for iOS 15. We will cover the below topics in the first part of this series: 1. Updates in search2. AsyncImage3. Adding Toolbars4. Bordered Buttons5. Submit Labels Searching made […]

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WWDC “What’s new in UIKit”

Hi, I’m Vera, an iOS and Android developer at Rightpoint. I hope you enjoyed WWDC! If you’re anything like me, it was like drinking from a fire hose. I really enjoy working on the UI elements of an app, so I prioritized watching the UI videos, and thought I’d share some of my thoughts on “What’s new in UIKit”.   iPad productivity and multitasking. One of the first things they talked […]

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Why XCFrameworks Matter

Now that Apple Silicon and Catalyst are out, library developers are going to want to start using XCFrameworks over Universal Frameworks in the immediate future. To explain why, let’s look at how building an iOS library has changed over the last few years.

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Azure Storage and SFTP via CLI

I had a need to stand up an SFTP server in Azure. I found a blog post on Microsoft Docs that used an ARM template to set this up ( The basic steps I needed to accomplish were: Create an Azure Storage Account Create a File Share on the Azure Storage Account Stand up a […]

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Six Tricky Layouts in Swift

…and how Stackable can help Some common iOS interface design patterns are way easier to talk about than they are to develop. Adaptable, maintainable code should be as easy to write and tinker with as it is to express in a conversation with your designer. I want to cover six tricky layouts that I encounter […]

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Secrets of Git – git gotchas, tips & tricks

Git is by-and-large the only game in town when it comes to source control these days. Bitbucket’s recent decision of sunsetting its support for mercurial has all but cemented git as the way developers share and track code. Git itself is quite old by some standards, created in 2005 by Linus Torvalds for easier distributed code […]

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Using ML.NET in Xamarin projects

A little more than a month ago I asked my followers on Twitter what they would want me to write about: As it turns out, AutoML and Xamarin were the most requested combination. So, let’s talk about it! If you’re trying to learn more about machine learning, but don’t have a special degree and/or experience there’re always several ways to start:   theory […]

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Location Services

Using Native Modules for Location Services in React Native iOS

Use Location Services in React on Native iOS. This guide will show you how to enable and use GPS in an iOS react native application.

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Getting your .Net API from the server to the client with Swagger & Swashbuckle

The internet runs on APIs, and solid API specifications are as valuable as the tools that eventually implement them. Here at Rightpoint, we realize there are many ways to write an API, just as there are many ways to spin up a server and consume the API with a webpage or some other client. We’ve […]

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