Author: Vanessa Garber

Prepping for the PM Interview

Being a Product Manager has a certain set of challenges, but getting a job as one is a whole other ballgame. You need to pick the right positions to apply for, perform well during the interview process, and leave a lasting positive impression. I’ve cobbled together a collection of information that I frequently share with […]

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Becoming A Product Manager

Recently, I’ve had a slew of friends, coworkers, and acquaintances express their interest in becoming Product Managers. They have heard that PMs are “mini-CEOs”, which sounds important and lucrative. Those in Sales or Customer Support who don’t yet know how to code or design hope to find an alternate career path in tech. Developers and […]

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Feedback Is A Gift

If you encounter a company where the culture has happy people who respect one another and treat each other well, it is likely that they have a good feedback process. It is an additional step in the daily life of an organization and, when done well, can provide the backbone for transparent communications and healthy […]

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