Author: Nick Bonatsakis

How to Earn an “A” for Android Accessibility

Learn more about Android Accessibility. From Android TalkBack to Android labelfor, see a demonstration of available tools that can make your Android app a great user experience for everyone.

Preparing Your iOS App for Extensions

Learn more about iOS app extensions. From iOS share extensions to adding core data to existing project, discover how to easily adopt new app extensions as they are introduced and set your app up for success by ensuring it adheres to the latest Apple architecture best practices.

Handle Your Heartbleed: 5 Ways to Help Security and UX Coexist on Mobile

Now that the cyber security dust has settled and the internet is once again a “safe” place to play, it’s a good time to ponder what we as developers are doing to ensure the security of our software while still maintaining a high bar for user experience. Even in the face of an internet that yields a seemingly endless supply of jerks trying to steal their data.

5 Tips for Happy Team-Based iOS Development

The iOS app ecosystem has evolved into an incredibly diverse landscape of products and approach. From simple, single-purpose utilities and games, to complex, multifaceted e-commerce experiences.