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Tools We Love – iOS and Android

Last year, the Rightpoint team showed our love by sharing our favorite tools. We love developing impactful products that change lives. Our favorite tools help us spend more time writing code, and less time in the spaces in between. Check out some of our favorites for iOS and Android:

iOS Distribution

Profiles, certificates, signing, and distribution are among our least-enjoyable tasks to work on. These tools allow us to automate our testing, beta distributions, and App Store submissions:

  • CircleCI
    Offload building, testing, and distributing your code to Circle and never fight with your build server again.
    • Fastlane
      Easy-to-write scripts for everything iOS distribution: deployment, beta builds, testing, app screenshots, etc. Makes a great team with Circle and Hockey.
  • HockeyApp
    Straightforward and dependable beta distribution.


Effective organization helps developers spend less time getting oriented and more time coding. These tools allow us to enforce filesystem, style, and naming conventions that enable a consistent environment from project to project:

    • Synx
      Keep your Xcode groups and the backing file organization structure in sync.
  • SwiftLint
    Enforce your team’s style conventions with the Xcode compiler to reduce needless code review back-and-forth.

Code Generation

Reduce the boilerplate, and spend your time writing expressive code. These tools allow us to reduce time spent writing tedious code:

  • SwiftGen
    Generate namespaced and autocompleting enums from Localizable.strings and .xcassets files.
  • Sourcery
    Meta-programming for Swift. Generate boilerplate code to fill in the gaps of the Swift programming language.

Open Source

We have over 50 open source iOS libraries hosted on our GitHub! Here are a couple of our favorites:

    • Anchorage
      Simple, expressive layout code built directly on top of the NSLayoutAnchor API.
  • BonMot
    Expressive, composable attributed string library that makes it easy to work with Apple’s powerful typography tools.



Workflow tools can both increase productivity and enforce convention. These are some of our favorite team adoptions, which enable us to spend more time writing good code.

    • Kotlin – An expressive, safe, and modern programming language. Open Source and awesome.
    • ktlint It can sometimes be difficult to get a team of developers on the same page when it comes to code styling. Instead of hassling teammates during code reviews we automate the process with ktlint which includes a built-in code formatter and supports the new Android Kotlin Style Guide.

Working with Devices

These tools help combine the convenience of working with an emulator with the functional parity of debugging on a physical device.

    • Vysor – Ditch the emulator. Interact with your android device with your mouse, keyboard, and monitor.
    • ADB Wifi Plugin – Quickly connect your Android device over WiFi to install, run and debug your applications without a USB connected.


These profiling tools allow us to proactively identify issues and performance bottlenecks before the app reaches the users:

General Workflow

These tools help us communicate, collaborate, and get stuff done:

    • GitHub – Powerful version control repository that makes internal and external collaboration delightful.
    • Zeplin – Pixel-perfect comps, an asset library, style guide, and communication channel, all combined in one. Reduce design review back-and-forth.
  • Kaleidoscope – Right-click to diff text from any source against text from anywhere else. Works with images too!

What Are We Missing?

We love recommendations and trying new things. Are there any must-have development, workflow, or productivity tools that we have to try out? Let us know in the comments! Want to team up? Get in touch.

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  1. Core graphics drawings turned into code. PaintCodeApp. Very useful.

    REST clients for testing your API outside of the code: Paw and Postman.

    Git Clients: Tower (on mac)

    HTTP Debugging: Charles

    … just a few I have on my dock !

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