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Virtual Reality

Our team explores new technologies from VR and AR to any other three letter acronym you can imagine.

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As part of my job, I love interacting with users and really getting to understand their needs and pain points. Ensuring I'm building products that tackle the right challenges, while also seeing the impact of my work, is extremely rewarding.
Deepika Joshi-Primout
Product Manager
Only when you're open to new ideas and not afraid to try things you can take full advantage of technology and innovations.
Veronika Kolesnikova
Software Developer
I'm always excited to build new technologies and ideas but I'm also driven by helping my team innovate and build new things.
Justin Kaufman
Director of Software

Building a better world

We’re driven by the idea that we can make a better world by crafting better software, websites, mobile apps and products. We work to deliver impact and positive change through our creations. 

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Secrets of Git – git gotchas, tips & tricks

Git is by-and-large the only game in town when it comes to source control these days. Bitbucket’s recent decision of sunsetting its support for mercurial has all but cemented git as the way developers share and […]

Using ML.NET in Xamarin projects

A little more than a month ago I asked my followers on Twitter what they would want me to write about: As it turns out, AutoML and Xamarin were the most requested combination. So, let’s talk about it! If you’re […]

Location Services

Using Native Modules for Location Services in React Native iOS

Use Location Services in React on Native iOS. This guide will show you how to enable and use GPS in an iOS react native application.


Getting your .Net API from the server to the client with Swagger & Swashbuckle

The internet runs on APIs, and solid API specifications are as valuable as the tools that eventually implement them. Here at Rightpoint, we realize there are many ways to write an API, just as there […]

Getting Started with HealthKit

Getting Started with HealthKit

Out of sheer curiosity, I often find myself checking my daily step count on Apple’s Health app.  In an attempt to get a basic intro to Swift, I sought out to replicate this functionality by creating my own custom application.  In this post, I’m […]

Using an ‘API Button’ as a Microsoft Flow Trigger

Using a physical push button connected to Wi-Fi via ESP8266, we can create a Microsoft Flow Trigger. In other words, once a button is pressed, a Microsoft Flow is immediately started and executed.

SVG Portraits in React Native

The writing’s on the wall, vector graphics are one of the most efficient ways to display your images at any resolution. When it comes to vector graphics, SVGs are the de-facto file standard. But what […]

Implementation of a QMS for Medical Software Development in an Agile Team

Introduction by Andrew Tremblay: Before we talk about Quality Management Systems, or agile teams, or ISO standards, we should talk briefly about their history. We should talk about Therac-25. Therac-25 was a radiation therapy machine […]