Today global experience company Rightpoint, a Genpact company, and Something Digital (now part of Rightpoint), have released data related to the consumer consciousness going into the new year. The study, titled “The New Essentials: Products, Channels and Services That Define The New Normal,” examined how the pandemic has substantially altered the products, channels and services consumers deem essential, and found that consumers’ new perceptions will likely last beyond 2021. Brands that respond to the shift in consumer sensibilities will be poised to earn their loyalty.

The survey explored consumer mindset, category engagement and digital savviness as lift during the pandemic evolved. It focused specifically on three trends that have seen a leap since the pandemic began. Life is changing at an accelerated speed and digital must keep up with those changes, why an essential purchase differs among consumers, and how brands can deliver against the four C's that consumers now demand.

Over 1,000 consumers in the U.S. and Canada were surveyed between November 20-28, 2020. Additionally, Rightpoint interviewed 10 digital executives to understand how organizations have capitalized on the shifting landscape. 

Highlights from the study include:

  • Demographic and Attitudinal Shifts Will Transform How Consumers Live, Make Decisions and Purchase. Two out of three consumers report making significant lifestyle changes as a direct result of the pandemic, giving rise to a new class of trendsetting “life changers.” Highly adaptable, young (60% are under age 40) and economically comfortable (66% are gainfully employed), this trendsetter group is evidence of larger demographic and attitudinal shifts in the near future. 
  • Digital Natives Do More: Consumers under 40 report increased reliance on digital conveniences like video calling, online-enabled food delivery and curbside pickup, while older consumers are more likely to have “never used” any of these services.
  • Mobile is #1: 64% of consumers shop and 52% buy wherever and whenever on their smartphone.
  • More Devices, Greater Ease: In addition to mobile, Gen Z and Millennials are significantly more likely than Gen X and Boomers to browse and buy via connected TV or connected devices.
  • Convenience is Core: The majority (72%) of consumers want a fast and accurate product search while browsing.
  • Ethical Standards: 82% of Gen Z are won’t ignore a brand’s ethics for the sake of a good deal.
  • Digital Connections: 68% of Gen Z prefer discovering new brands on social media and 41% are doing more online gaming.

“Marketers know they need to move away from targeting consumers based on broad characteristics like geography and demographic. These findings add more urgency to that shift. In the post-pandemic world, consumers are strongly motivated by their internal risk-benefit analysis, and brands that can tap into that analysis will build long-term loyalty,” says Phillip Jackson, Chief Commerce Officer at Rightpoint.  

Download the report to view more comprehensive study results.