Chicago, IL – September 24, 2019 Rightpoint, the independent customer experience agency with technology at its core, today announced the launch of its expanded cloud infrastructure practice, which allows clients to build scalable, performant and secure public and hybrid cloud systems. By adding to this capability, Rightpoint can now help clients navigate cloud hosted environments and provide identity management and security.

Digital transformation is at the core of Rightpoint’s business and companies need to leverage technology in order to succeed at the speed of innovation and differentiate from their competitors. In today’s marketplace, that means utilizing public cloud services like Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud Platform. While Rightpoint has previously helped clients leverage these public cloud services to enhance the capabilities of customer experience-oriented systems, clients often requested additional services. In particular, clients would ask Rightpoint to engage with other divisions within the organization to assist in broader technology and transformation initiatives. The team at Rightpoint considered this feedback and realized that they could fill this gap for clients, which led to the new offering that brings these additional cloud service capabilities to clients.

“The ability to leverage public cloud services allows us to help our clients take advantage of and apply best practices, tools and processes in their infrastructure,” said Joseph Lee, SVP Digital Operations at Rightpoint. “Rightpoint has worked with a variety of organizations and a lot of them lacked experience deploying and managing cloud infrastructure for production workloads. This gap presented an opportunity for Rightpoint to expand our service offering to help our clients take full advantage of the Cloud.”

Rightpoint’s cloud first approach leverages modern delivery models such as deploying cloud infrastructure as code and sets Rightpoint’s approach apart from legacy models. Organizations that are focused on digital transformation efforts benefit from infrastructure as code (IaC) because it enables repeatable, consistent implementations that are advantageous across all environments including development, testing/quality assurance and production, as well as disaster recovery situations. By leveraging IaC in its new offering, Rightpoint is reinstating its commitment to helping companies smoothly navigate digital transformation.

Rightpoint’s expanded cloud infrastructure offering will focus on four main areas:

● Cloud Readiness Assessment – Roadmap/Gaps, Availability and Recovery, Capability & Cost Assessment and Compliance

● Cloud Adoption – Modern Datacenter, Disaster Recovery, Security and Performance Enhancement. 

● Identity and Access Management (IAM) – Identity Protection, Single Sign On, Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) 

● Modern DevOps – Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) and Infrastructure as Code (IaC) to support automation and scaling 

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