Chicago, Aug 12, 2019 – Rightpoint, the leading independent customer experience agency with technology at its core, has been admitted as a FY20 charter partner of the Microsoft Content Services Partner Program.

The program’s list of innovators, advisors, and integrators “help organizations around the globe deploy the innovative Microsoft Content Services platform that integrates AI and cognitive services with existing Office 365, SharePoint, and Microsoft Teams technologies.“

"We are excited to join this elite group of Microsoft partners who are known for delivering on Microsoft's vision for content within the enterprise. We’re thrilled to help guide this vision in the future as we see Microsoft as a key component in a robust content platform and capabilities that can serve businesses of any size," says Micah Swigert, SVP of Technology at Rightpoint.

With Rightpoint's inclusion into this program, and its focus on knowledge management within the program, Rightpoint will collaborate closely with Microsoft to advance the cause for knowledge management as a core component of digital transformation initiatives. Most recently, Rightpoint employed this expertise to help Grant Thornton transform how they work with a new digital workspace.

"We foresee broad and significant changes in the workforce over the next decade. As organizations have reshaped their workforce, they have discovered that expertise in various core topics in the organization is still closely held within individuals who are at or nearing retirement. Therefore, a key component of digital transformation from within an organization is catalyzing expertise by democratizing knowledge within intuitive digital experiences. We have always considered that capability core to how Rightpoint creates digital workspaces for our clients. We are excited to advocate and advance this cause as a part of this partner program" says Jesse Murray, SVP and Managing Director at Rightpoint.

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