COVID-19 and Why It’s Driving the Need to Pivot: A Snapshot Research Report

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Innovation / Technology

The post-coronavirus world will continue to change everything. Those changes will impact the way consumers interact with brands, the way brands allocate budgets, and even the way we use physical spaces. Before we can begin to understand the new normal we’ll be facing, we must first understand the factors influencing these developments. 

We believe that listening is essential. It’s the only way to create exceptional experiences. This report is an example of listening in action. We saw a need for information and data related to shifting consumer attitudes and behaviors, so we conducted initial market research to uncover and understand not only what is happening, but why it’s happening. 

This snapshot research report is intended to provide our customers, peers, and others with the information and guidance they need to successfully pivot to experiences, products, and services that deliver on the changing expectations of consumers and employees.

Download the report and learn:

  • The four macro trends representing behavior shifts taking place across industries, user groups, and in corporate interactions with consumers and employees.
  • How COVID-19 is changing business priorities.
  • The impact of COVID-19 on consumer behavior, motivations, and expectations for future interactions.


Download the Report