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Monday, March 1, 2021

Wave Reviews: Rightpoint Shines in Forrester’s Customer Experience Strategy Consulting Report

By Deanna White — Senior Digital Marketing Manager

In the land of the isolated, the quarantined and the digitally overstimulated, the company that focuses on remarkable, joyful experiences holds a competitive advantage. These experiences can take the form of an interactive user interface, a dedicated service representative, a personalized message after a sale or, really, anything that offers a meaningful, differentiated connection to a brand and its people.

Thought: Wave Reviews: Rightpoint Shines in Forrester’s Customer Experience Strategy Consulting Report
Wave Reviews: Rightpoint Shines in Forrester’s Customer Experience Strategy Consulting ReportSenior Digital Marketing Manager — Deanna White
Thought: Wave Reviews: Rightpoint Shines in Forrester’s Customer Experience Strategy Consulting Report

As Rightpoint has seen in our over thirteen years of imagining and delivering experiences that spark joy in people and drive growth for brands, customer experience (CX) has evolved to be the key to competitive differentiation. Delivering quality products and services is no longer the aspiration—consumers expect brands to have connected eco-systems that provide transparency, offer flexibility and delight along the way. And the moment a brand “catches up” to expectations is the same moment a competitor leaps ahead with a new experience that raises the bar.

Even before the pandemic, the market’s emphasis on great customer experience was reaching new heights, as explained in and evidenced by the 2020 Forrester CX Strategy Consulting Wave Report. To help companies identify and assess potential partners on their CX journey, Forrester has adopted a 28-criteria approach to identifying the best-of-the-best strategy consultancies, and Rightpoint was included in the top 12 based on our strategy capabilities and an empirical approach to building experiences.

Rightpoint, who has the smallest market presence of those included, offers clients the best of both words: The global resources and scale of data from our parent company Genpact pairs masterfully with the boutique-like operating model of the Rightpoint brand. For our clients, this means the flexibility and personalized service of a smaller agency without sacrificing the efficiencies and insights that come from large global consultancies.

We believe every company is an experience company, or must reinvent itself to become one, and here’s why Rightpoint is the ideal partner to join you on this journey.

1. End-to-End, Front-to-Back Experience Transformation

We understand that exceptional customer experiences don’t simply spring out of a single interaction. Our approach encompasses the full end-to-end experience—from the moment a customer first encounters your brand through the completion of their customer journey and beyond.

But we won’t stop there. Our holistic approach to the journey includes team members and partners who encounter customers along the way—vendors, suppliers, employees and troubleshooters. Change is impossible unless every facet of your business delivers on the promises you make to customers. This is where our digital prowess meets our uncanny understanding of human behavior—building robust tools that can be easily adopted end-to-end, front-to-back, informed by data collected from over 2 million users and over 2 billion transactions annually.

2. Speed and Agility

The pandemic has shifted customer expectations in unpredictable ways, and at Rightpoint’s size and heritage in digital, we’re capable of agile pivots in our methodologies and thinking to meet the needs of the present. 

Our modern approach is evidence-based, human-centered and focused on speed to measurable outcomes. As a company that is as much strategy as we are delivery, we inherently tether our work to actionable opportunities that are primed for rapid, agile execution—increasing both near-term impact and a long-term, sustainable evolution to customer-centricity.

Our commitment to agile design and development sets us apart from others in the Wave Report. This entails producing concepts and prototypes as part of our strategy and research efforts, which provides clients tangible visibility into design concepts and processes to be built. This approach crystalizes the vision and ensures that what is built is exactly what was agreed upon. Further, we include design and technology experts in our strategy work to recommend priorities and bring a balance of the creative and the practical.

3. Compassionate Client Relationships

The Wave report surveyed Rightpoint clients, who “gave the firm high marks for its professionalism, the quality of its work, and how it manages relationships,” it writes. We pride ourselves on a commitment to executive sponsorship on every account, and we believe that bringing a cross-functional team to our engagements increases the diversity of ideas. We are intentionally not organized by industry vertical, as we believe customer experience best practices transcend industries. As a result, we bring insights from multiple sectors to our clients and translate that lens to creative solutioning. 

In the relentless pursuit of a world that works better for people, we question everything in order to create products, services and experiences that simple work better. It’s our core mission to help every one of our clients transform their organization into an experience company.