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Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Rightpoint Repeats as Microsoft 2023 Employee Experience US Partner Award Winner

By Rich Wood
Three people sitting at a table at a restaurant looking at a laptop
Rightpoint Repeats as Microsoft 2023 Employee Experience US Partner Award WinnerRich Wood
Three people sitting at a table at a restaurant looking at a laptop

Microsoft has again chosen Rightpoint as the winner of its US Partner Award for Employee Experience (EX) in 2023!

This is our second consecutive year as the top EX partner in the United States, having previously won in 2022, but there’s even more to share this time around. Rightpoint has additionally been named a worldwide Finalist for two years running in EX and now, a 2023 worldwide Finalist for Frontline Worker experience to boot!

Rightpoint has always endeavored to put the employee at the center of their experience, using the digital realm as an important vector to drive measurable engagement with organizational culture in onsite, hybrid and remote workplaces alike. Being named among the best in both EX and the Viva platform but also for workers in frontline roles is the ultimate validation of this approach.

Put simply, we care about crafting the most engaging experiences across all roles and responsibilities—in the office, in the field, and on the floor alike—and we make them real with solutions grounded in Microsoft’s cloud platforms including Viva, Microsoft 365 and Azure.

Running it Back in EX

Winning these awards for the first time was a journey, a milestone achievement for a digital agency that had been building on Microsoft’s platform for years. Doing it again, bigger and better, for a second consecutive year is a testament to enduring excellence in our client work, in thought leadership and innovation, and in how we approach our strategic alliance with our largest partner.

Microsoft Partners that span advisory services, experience design, product innovation, platform expertise and user engagement are a very select group. Being named the best of them is something for which we’re broadly grateful. We’re thankful for the clients whose work with us made these awards possible, and proud of the people at Rightpoint who made them happen.

Finally, we’re thankful for our partners at Microsoft. It may sound elementary, but you can’t be a “Partner of the Year” without being a partner. That means understanding that by its very nature, partnership is a two-way street. Our relationships in Microsoft’s field sales, industry, product and partner program teams are essential to our growth and we value them highly. We couldn’t do what we do without them!

What’s Next?

Part of this award is not so much what we’re doing next, but what we’re already doing with AI. The impending general availability of Copilot for Viva later this year is an important innovation for customers, but artificial intelligence was already a key feature of work we’ve done in the EX space before the explosion of generative AI into the public consciousness earlier this year. Presenting and demystifying the various productive uses of AI—current and potential—as well as how to plan for its best-case usage in EX scenarios both within the Viva platform and beyond, we are leading the way forward and fulfilling our clients’ trust as a strategic partner for their workforce transformations.

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