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Monday, April 19, 2021

Content and Commerce Complement Each Other Using Adobe’s Experience Cloud

By Phillip Jackson

As technology advances and consumers’ desire for new content remains unsatiated, commerce has evolved to weave itself more effectively into the content itself. A recent example can be found at NBC Universal, who recently unveiled their One Platform Commerce solution for brands who would like to advertise during the network’s shows—such as a pop-up banner ad, offering a QR code to scan or submitting an image to be displayed on the pause screen. Many traditional media sites, including Buzzfeed and Vice, have also begun offering similar services.

Thought: Content and Commerce Complement Each Other Using Adobe’s Experience Cloud
Content and Commerce Complement Each Other Using Adobe’s Experience CloudPhillip Jackson
Thought: Content and Commerce Complement Each Other Using Adobe’s Experience Cloud

Currently, there exists no out-of-the-box e-commerce platform that can handle all of these touchpoints. But the Adobe Experience Cloud offers best-in-class solutions to the entire content + commerce ecosystem across its suite of applications. Experience Manager can handle content while Magento takes care of your commerce needs. Adobe’s Analytics, Target and Audience Manager programs further the development of a strong content and commerce strategy by offering key data points from which to inform one-to-one customer personalization.

Because commerce and content are becoming further intertwined, it’s important to understand how this fact impacts the digital customer journey and the employees that service them. The omnichannel journey weaves online and offline, web and mobile and even phone, text and chat. This channel fluidity represents a challenge in balancing strategic partners versus technical implementors. Thankfully, Rightpoint — a Forrester CX Strategy Challenger-rated consultancy — is an Adobe Gold certified solution partner, with every capability to weave together touchpoints in the modern customer journey.

Here’s a breakdown of our relevant areas of expertise


Alongside Rightpoint and the Adobe Experience software suite, commerce elevates to become more than simply merchandising. Our renowned research and insights, plus our decade of expertise in Magento Commerce, lay the groundwork for content personalization via journey maps. This data can then inform further insights typically unavailable to a single brand, such as competitive conquesting and target audience segments not currently in your portfolio.

CX Strategy

Rightpoint utilizes Adobe Audience Manager together with Adobe Analytics to iteratively define core segments and identify micro-segments for dynamic targeting and personalization. We believe that one-to-one personalization isn’t necessary for all use cases, and Audience Manager offers an elegant solution for impactful targeting that brings your brand story to life in a way that resonates at the one-to-many level. Further, thanks to Adobe’s platform and integration flexibility, Adobe Audience Manager can integrate with other activation platforms in your eco-system (including those that are not part of the Adobe suite!) to syndicate segments for consistent messaging strategies across channels – from media to customer service. 

Digital Experience (DX)

Adobe Experience Manager is much more than a CMS platform – it enables top-notch experiences through simplified management and delivery of content via site and mobile. The built-in digital asset management platform and workflows allow for more effective collaboration among marketers, content creators and developers, which enables brands to generate more impactful content, faster. Our clients love the ease of use while enabling advanced content management and personalization use case. At Rightpoint, we love the integration flexibility and how engagement and behavioral data from AEM can be paired with data from other channels to understand and optimize the total customer experience.

Emerging Technology

Adobe’s Dialog Manager contains content fragments that you can easily pull into not only DX but all emerging technology platforms, including augmented reality and virtual reality. Content that lives on disparate platforms can be hosted first-party, abstracting the content out of the CMS to be repurposed for a variety of needs. It’s less a web content management system and more a repository to feed into all channels.

Employee Experience

Adobe recently acquired a product called Workfront—an operations and campaign management workforce tool that offers strong enterprise solutions. Usually, heavily matrixed organizations have their own cadences and campaigns within an agile approach. But legacy work management and resource management solutions don’t accommodate teams who work under different circumstances from one. Workfront solves for that, and at the same time can be customer-facing or sales-facing.

The Rightpoint Way

Maximize the ROI of your Adobe investment by partnering with Rightpoint. Our solution areas effortlessly weave into the Adobe Experience Cloud and cover the full gamut of what you need to be successful in the e-commerce space. Get in touch today to learn more.