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Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Accelerating Commerce with Adobe Experience Manager

By Matthew Miller — Senior Director, Solution Lead AEM with Commerce
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Woman sitting using her laptop at a table behind glass wall
Accelerating Commerce with Adobe Experience ManagerSenior Director, Solution Lead AEM with Commerce — Matthew Miller
Woman sitting using her laptop at a table behind glass wall

Delivering timely, personalized content at scale is more important than ever for brands that want to strengthen relationships with their customers. 73% of customers expect companies to understand their “unique needs and expectations,” and 62% expect companies to anticipate their needs, according to a 2022 global survey by Salesforce. So, it’s not surprising that more than half of marketers intend to improve the quality of their content and the frequency with which they post it, according to Adobe.


Source: Adobe

To create better content and deliver more of it, marketers need the technological tools to work more efficiently and to leverage economies of scale. They also need a way to fully integrate their content management system with their organization’s commerce engine, so they can deliver the right content at the right time for each customer—and adapt content quickly as trends and behaviors change.

While most commerce platforms provide some CMS capabilities, those features are often limited compared to the commerce platform’s core functions for product management, catalogs, pricing, customer profiles, and transactional management. Markets struggle to work efficiently or scale activities to meet customer expectations.

The Value of AEM with Commerce

Enter Adobe Experience Manager. AEM brings a robust CMS solution to the commerce world. AEM provides a single platform for driving the content and commerce experience, with a powerful digital asset manager built-in and easy integration with many marketing automation tools. Adobe Sensi functionality within AEM brings the power of AI to marketers. AEM integrates seamlessly with Adobe’s Marketing Cloud suite of products for analytics, personalization, A/B testing, and more.

Global enterprises that have multiple brands and need localization can use AEM’s multi-site manager and easy integration with standard translation providers to streamline brand management and content localization. Smaller enterprise and midmarket companies can benefit from AEM’s ease of use and tools to make their marketing teams effective.

Rightpoint’s AEM with Commerce Accelerator

Rightpoint’s AEM and Commerce team has been developing these types of solutions since 2013. During that time, we’ve developed a design and implementation process that delivers a decade’s worth of knowledge about best practices. Our designers select the right AEM components for each implementation and configure them to best serve the client’s goals and help them meet their KPIs.

For example, the accelerator gives marketers immediate access to drag and drop tools to manage their marketing content and commerce experiences, so they can get as granular as changing the order of data on product listings on a page or as high-level as changing product page elements at scale. They also have access to efficiency tools to sync assets between AEM and the commerce platform.

The AEM with Commerce Accelerator also includes developer utilities while reducing technical complexity and implementation costs.

Using Rightpoint’s AEM with Commerce Accelerator

Let’s look at two examples of how the accelerator can help different organizations reach their content and commerce goals. In one, a deck supply manufacturer wants to create on-site tools that customers can use to design their deck, estimate the products they’ll need to complete it, and eventually order directly from the manufacturer. In this case, the first step is to integrate AEM with the manufacturer’s third-party commerce platform. Once that step is completed and the consumer experience content is enabled, the next step for this manufacturer is to replace their existing commerce platform with Adobe Commerce to support their D2C channel.

In another example of how AEM and Commerce Accelerator build value, a pharmaceutical and nutrition manufacturer needs to set a unified content and commerce foundation for all their global brands. When their comprehensive digital foundation is in place, it will be faster and easier to onboard each of their brands and localize them. Brands can even be brought into the system in batches in as little as six weeks, making AEM and Commerce accelerator a highly effective, low-cost resource for transitioning legacy sites into a single ecosystem. Once the manufacturer’s entire slate of brands is on the platform, the marketing team will be able to optimize and manage content at scale.

Rightpoint’s Adobe Experience Manager with Commerce Accelerator

Adobe Experience Manager helps organizations do more with content, faster. Rightpoint’s AEM with Commerce Accelerator delivers 10 years of experience in integrating commerce with content in a way that reduces technical complexity and implementation costs and gives marketing teams more efficient tools to create and deliver better customer experiences. meets your organization’s unique needs.

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