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Spark Moments

Great employee experience starts with a single moment. There is power in a single moment, but the sum of these moments can define company culture, sense of belonging, ability to innovate, and agility for organizations. Spark Moments empowers companies to easily create these intentional employee moments and drive sustainable change.

People Collaborating on Laptop
Spark Moments: A Rightpoint Employee Experience IP
People Collaborating on Laptop

Create Moments that Matter for your Employees

Increase organizational resiliency and foster employee relationships by creating moments of connection with an AI chatbot intelligently powered by the collaboration your teams already do. Spark Moments is built on enterprise grade technology from Microsoft including Microsoft Teams, Outlook, and Viva Insights.

"Networks are the lifeblood of a business, connecting people and resources to drive success." - Jim Collins, Lecturer Stanford Graduate School of Business and the United States Military Academy. One of the one hundred Great Business Living Business Minds by Forbes Magazine (2017)

Reimagine Serendipity

Geographically dispersed workforces and new ways of working disrupt the natural connection between employees, creating artificial boundaries for employee connection.

• Create better connections rather than random encounters.
• Strengthen employee networks and organizational cohesion.
• Evolve culture and remote/hybrid corporate strategy.
• Empower employees with automatically scheduled connections.

Ignite Creativity and Innovation

Creativity and innovation rely on connections between the right people at the right time – both are essential for inclusive, creative, and innovative cultures.

• Maintain relationships with previous project team members.
• Foster diverse relationships to prevent groupthink.
• Ensure the frictionless flow of information necessary for agility.
• Reverse the decay in employee networks.

Improve Employee Onboarding

Employees thrive when they have healthy relationships within their team and broadly throughout the organization. Ensure employee network growth is part of your onboarding strategy to maximize company talent acquisition and retention investments.

• Develop lasting relationships to actively build employee networks.
• Build diverse employee networks across organizational silos.
• Detect employee isolation and create engagement strategy.
• Assist in retaining new hires and measuring impact

Improve Employee Retention

Employees leaving their job is a long-term trend, occurring in the wrong direction. Employees require a personalized employee experience that supports their career and connection.

• Create a sense of belonging and connection.
• Enhance existing organization DE&I investments and affinity group engagement.
• Support work/life balance with planned schedule interventions.
• Detect and address common attrition factors, including feelings of isolation, lack of career and personal growth, and alignment to company values and individual purpose.