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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Rightpoint Named Microsoft’s 2022 US Partner of the Year for Employee Experience

By Rich Wood

I’m legitimately thrilled to share the news that Microsoft has named Rightpoint its 2022 US Partner of the Year for Employee Experience! This major award reflects years of dedication and commitment to our clients, some of Microsoft’s largest and most important customers, and their efforts to put their people at the center of their corporate strategies. Coming in at the very top of a stack of 800 Microsoft Partners is an incredible achievement and one for which we’re filled with gratitude.

Microsoft Partner of the Year for Employee Experience Award Banner
Rightpoint Named Microsoft’s 2022 US Partner of the Year for Employee ExperienceRich Wood
Microsoft Partner of the Year for Employee Experience Award Banner

And that’s not all: on top of the United States award, our increasingly global work since joining the Genpact family in late 2019 has been recognized with Finalist status at the Worldwide level. Being named the runner up out of over 4,000 firms globally is a major achievement in itself!  

Taken together with Rightpoint’s recent Top 5 placement in the 2022 rankings of employee experience firms by HFS Research (where we were rated #1 in “Voice of the Customer”), the common theme here is clear. Rightpoint’s dedication to employee experience—our unswerving commitment to culture, to putting people at the center, to living the same values we help our clients realize and building out expert teams who represent those selfsame values—is driving valuable results as we help the world’s most recognizable brands transform their employee experience, and people across the industry are listening.

I firmly believe that awards like this have two aspects—the discipline (in this case, EX), and the partnership. I’m often asked by new contacts at Microsoft what sort of Partner we are. I tell them Rightpoint is a digital experience agency. Not strictly a systems integrator, a business consultancy, a design house or a classic agency but a synthesis of all these things and more; that makes us a different sort of partner. Sometimes breaking the mold makes it tougher to explain who you are and what you do, but in the case of employee experience, I think it’s finally clear that this synthesis is a huge part of the value we bring both to our clients and to Microsoft.

We listen to those clients, and we actively partner with Microsoft. We believe in the virtuous cycle that joint dedication to employees and customers can create, and we work to make it real. We bring the tremendous power of research, strategy and design to the table to help understand and solve their problems long before writing a single line of code. With our Microsoft partnership, we apply the same approach, teaming up to help solution specialists meet their objectives while providing key feedback to product teams, program leaders and even the wider partner community. Simply put, we help Microsoft help more people with platforms like Viva and Teams.

It's who we are. It’s our culture. It’s a key through-line in our own people, from our founders and many of our executive leaders to sales, marketing, people potential and even the freshest college hires. It’s a belief in crafting joyful experiences that help people be more successful where they work—and wherever they’re working from. 

We’re Rightpoint, Microsoft’s 2022 US Partner of the Year for Employee Experience. We’re grateful for the recognition. We’re proud of the accolade. And we’re only getting started.