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Forecasting Customer Experience Priorities in the Post-Pandemic Era

Is your brand prepared to prioritize Customer Experience for a post-pandemic era? Download Rightpoint’s report to learn our forecasts and implications for the future.

A woman smiling while holding her mobile phone.
Forecasting Customer Experience Priorities in the Post-Pandemic Era
A woman smiling while holding her mobile phone.

Rightpoint surveyed senior customer experience executives to understand current and future strategy priorities. This report includes a multitude of insights that will shape a new understanding of where total experience is heading, and what this may mean for brands moving forward in the post-pandemic era. 

Download the report to view more comprehensive study results. Findings include:

Customer Experience is Key to Vision and Goals

63.2% of senior executives surveyed by Rightpoint said that customer experience was extremely or very important to their organization’s vision and goals in 2021. This indicates that some brands are doubling-down on the investment while nearly 40% are still reeling from negative impacts in 2020.

The Importance of e-Commerce Will Continue Post-Pandemic

The COVID-19 vaccine does not eliminate the perceived risk of shopping in-store, and many consumers across generations are expected to continue to prefer the convenience even post vaccination. 

Brands are Focused on Resolving Customer Pain Points

Brands that spun up e-Commerce rapidly in 2020 will need to de-silo and be more thoughtful about designing for nuanced customer use cases. 

Executives See an Imbalance in Customer Data

Understanding and resolving pain points begins with understanding the moments that matter most to customers, and often the emotions that inform or result from those moments. 

Personalization is More Important Than Ever Before

After the focus on commerce in 2020, it makes sense that executives are now shifting focus on optimizing the actual content and engagement strategy onsite. Content Management Systems (CMS) are noted as the most popular technology for new CX investment in 2021.

Today, the CCO and CXO Rule

The CMO and CTO are also no longer the standard-bearers of experience. Instead, customer experience responsibility now sits with the Chief Customer Officer according to 28.2% of all executive respondents, and 23.1% say it sits with the Chief Experience Officer.