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Thursday, November 12, 2020

Watch: Hulu’s Journey to Create Brand Love

By Deanna White — Senior Digital Marketing Manager

Customer expectations continue to increase as brands across industries set new standards for great experiences. Keeping up is tough, but business leaders are recognizing the benefit of constant innovation within their customer experience strategy. Even the most innovative businesses – like Hulu – must constantly evolve their offerings and identify gaps in the experience. For Hulu, this meant redefining Customer Service for an Omni-device digital experience.

Thought: Watch: Hulu’s Journey to Create Brand Love
Watch: Hulu’s Journey to Create Brand LoveSenior Digital Marketing Manager — Deanna White
Thought: Watch: Hulu’s Journey to Create Brand Love

Matthew Kravitz, Head of Technology, Viewer Experience from Hulu recently joined Rightpoint for a conversation about how Hulu is differentiating based on experience. The full session is available to learn more about Hulu’s journey to create brand love.

The video covers:

  • How Hulu aligned product and service innovation to their brand promise

  • Ways to marry technology and design to deliver brand experiences users love

  • The often-overlooked role of Technologists and Product teams in owning and evolving a best-in-class brand

  • How Hulu maintains an agile culture for cultivating new ideas, testing them with real customers, and implementing the most impactful options

Check out the session here.