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Saturday, May 7, 2022

15 Years of Rightpoint

By Deanna White — Senior Digital Marketing Manager

This year marks 15 years of Rightpoint. To reflect on this milestone, we reached out to our people ranging over the years to hear their perspectives on what it has been like working at Rightpoint. Here’s what they had to say.

Thought: 15 Years of Rightpoint
15 Years of RightpointSenior Digital Marketing Manager — Deanna White
Thought: 15 Years of Rightpoint

Less Than 1 Year

Sarah Lehmann – Senior Marketing Associate

“Since starting at Rightpoint, all the people that I have met here so far really live out the company culture, and that has been very refreshing for me to see. Working with such kind people who truly care about other people would make me recommend Rightpoint to anyone who is considering joining the team. While working from home, it is sometimes difficult to connect with other team members. But with the consistency of weekly team meetings and biweekly all company meetings, I have been able to adjust very quickly and meet a lot of people in a short span of time. Building strong connections with the people I work with and around is very important to me, so I am so glad that Rightpoint has made it so easy to build these relationships.”

1 Year

Claire Stewart – Associate Director, Research

“Joining Rightpoint mid-pandemic in 2021 was one of the best professional decisions I’ve ever made. I initiated my job search a little nervous about joining a new organization remotely, but the onboarding process and employee culture made this such an enjoyable experience. In the past year, I’ve managed to work on super cool, life changing digital projects in the field of MedTech and pharmaceuticals, help a hospital reimagine its website, and even research an electric race car team. While the subject matter and client work has certainly been interesting, it’s actually the people I’ve met that have made me the most excited. I get to work with humble, thoughtful, and supportive leaders, and I get exposed to team members with entirely different skillsets from my own. As a researcher, I’ve learned more about design, digital products, and customer experience here in one year than I’ve learned in the entire preceding decade. I can see myself with Rightpoint for a long time to come—these are my people.”

2 Years

Dominique Cross – Recruiting Associate

“My favorite part about working here at Rightpoint is the autonomy that we have here. There is a level of trust and confidence in our people and our ability to do our jobs well. There are a lot of opportunities to speak up and take ownership. Having that ability allows you to grow and do work with people across fields and projects as well.”

7 Years

Tom Keuten – SVP, Detroit Office Lead

“While Rightpoint has evolved as a company over 15 years, it continues to be a platform where exceptionally talented people can follow their passion and produce great work that has a tremendous value for our clients. Our team members offer expertise in a particular technology or discipline, an approach that unlocks new ways of working, or a fresh perspective that our clients couldn’t see or make happen from within their own walls. When you combine these capabilities with smart clients that are hungry to succeed, it’s truly a pleasure to be part of an engagement when we’re collectively performing at our best.”

8 Years

Wendy Karlyn – Chief Client Officer

“The thing I value and appreciate most about Rightpoint is the amazing people I get to work with every day. We have the best people in the industry and our ability to lead our clients through transformative work is incredibly rewarding. Everything we do is a team sport – we win together, we learn together and we grow together and I am grateful to be part of such an incredible Rightpoint culture and community.”

9 Years

Evan Cobb – Senior Director, People Potential

“Rightpoint has grown and evolved significantly, in both size and the breadth of services that we provide for our clients. Even as we have evolved and changed, all of our values have stayed constant and are at the core of how we operation as a business. I have always appreciated how open and transparent our working environment is, which manifests itself in many ways in our day-to-day. We are constantly asking for feedback, whether it is in our bi-weekly all-company meetings, or in one of our regular “People Pulse” surveys. We want to hear from our people, and we take that feedback and make meaningful changes in our company and how we operate to continuously improve.”

12 Years

Brandon Rozelle – Senior Vice President, Strategy

“Rightpoint is a Dynamic organization – shaped directly by the excellence and strengths of every team member. As a company, we haven’t been afraid to try new things or admit when something needs to change and evolve. As a part of helping shape and grow this organization, I think that’s central to our success. We hire the most talented people we can find and never allow ego to be the bending force in the room as we are shaping key decisions and driving value for our clients. This is essential—and a core part of why we must continue to value and strive for more diversity and inclusion.  Not only is it the right thing to do—it makes every team stronger. Innovation and a willingness to embrace the idea that failure is always an option—that’s how we achieve excellence. By far, my favorite thing about Rightpoint is the people. I look left and look right—and the people surrounding me are smarter than I am and demand the best from me, and in return ask that I demand the best from them. I would fight and kill for them—and I know with complete certainty that if I were to fall over backwards, they would catch me.”

13 Years

Jeremy Williams – VP, Modern Workplace

“The biggest thing that has kept me here for 13 years is also the thing that continues to keep me energized at Rightpoint– that I’m surrounded by great coworkers that I trust, are accountable, and are good people.”

15 Years

Mark Ursino – Senior Director, Head of Technology (East)

“One thing that is constant here at Rightpoint – and the world around us – is change. Rightpoint embraces it, and is very open to change in the spirit of incremental growth for its people and clients. Spending just a few years at Rightpoint working on sophisticated, complex, and challenging client projects will yield you more years through accelerated experience. This is a great place to grow professionally while doing great work. You will be challenged, and it will be rewarding.”