The New Essentials

Products, channels, and services that define the new normal

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The pandemic has substantially altered the products, channels and services consumers deem essential, and those new perceptions will likely last beyond 2021. In our first research report of 2021, we share The New Essentials – insights on products, channels and service preferences with staying power in 2021, and beyond. 

We surveyed both executive leaders and consumers to understand their behavior changes, motivations, and expectations for future interactions. Consumer perceptions of importance, priority, and essentiality have been redefined. Brands that respond to the shift in consumer sensibilities will be poised to earn their loyalty.

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  • Learn about "The Life Changers," an emerging consumer mindset which signals a shift in consumer adaptability. 
  • Gain insight into how accelerated life change is correlated with redefinition of what is essential
  • Discover why individual perspectives and points of view have redefined what is essential
  • Adapt your plans to new consumer expectations around safety, convenience, belonging, and social good 

Download the Report