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Stocking Up and Seeking Out

The evolution of e-Commerce boomed in 2020 and it forced the global marketplace to pivot, re-evaluate and re-imagine every aspect of the retail experience to meet a new set of consumer needs. In this research report, we share Stocking Up and Seeking Out – the changes in online shopping dynamics in the ‘Roaring Twenties’.

Stocking Up and Seeking Out

We surveyed both executive leaders and consumers to understand their channel preferences, category engagement and mindset. Despite economic, political and health uncertainties consumers crave variety and novelty and will continue to experiment. Brands that can successfully respond to this shift in consumer shopping dynamics will be more likely to earn their loyalty.

Download your copy to:

  • Learn about "The Experimentation Index” to understand how ‘promiscuous’ people are when it comes to shopping online.

  • Discover two new behavior modes that have emerged in 2021 – Seeking and Stocking – and how they impact consumption patterns. 

  • Gain insight into the consumer appetite for brand experimentation and how it differs by category and generation.

  • Adapt your plans to new consumer expectations around omnichannel and hybrid shopping experiences.