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Spark Workspace: A Rightpoint Accelerator

For a great employee experience, organizations need to put people at the center. Your digital workspace should be a compilation of tools and resources benefiting all employees, meeting their individual needs, in one common, personalized place, increasing productivity and effectiveness.

Landing: Spark Workspace: A Rightp... - Main Media
Spark Workspace: A Rightpoint Accelerator
Landing: Spark Workspace: A Rightp... - Main Media

By investing in the right experience, you will get highly engaged employees and that results in greater revenue – about 200% greater than organizations with employees engaged only at an average level. Spark Workspace, a Rightpoint Accelerator, delivers a frictionless modern workspace accessible anytime and anywhere; on the web, in Teams, on their mobile device.

Powered by Microsoft Viva Connections, we create an employee experience that keeps everyone connected, unites and inspires your organization, and empowers your people and teams to be their best. Our solution combines research, training, communications and resources into a robust, easy-to-use platform integrated into SharePoint and Teams.

Spark Workspace delivers the right tools to craft an effective digital workspace

  • Content and Communications – improve performance with personalized communications and easy to access knowledge.

  • Personalization – help your people focus on organizational priorities, as well as what matters to them individually.

  • Search and Navigation – create the foundation for an information architecture designed to address the most important use cases for your people.

  • Social Engagement and Communities – build digital communities that drive adoption and quickly expand content creation.

  • Sustainability – create a digital workspace with a focus on content, solution and technology governance so that your team can concentrate on high-value activities like continuous improvement and innovation.