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Transforming Your Sales Experience for Customers and Employees

Customer expectations have been rapidly changing. Despite increased brand investments in digital functionality and personalization, consumers are placing a premium on human-to-human interaction—it’s still these moments that best nurture the feelings of being valued and respected as a customer. In response to changing expectations, leading sales organizations are looking to free up its salespeople to spend more time selling and less time on administrative tasks. 

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Transforming Your Sales Experience for Customers and Employees
Landing: Transforming Your Sales E... - Main Media

How Rightpoint Enhances Your Sales Experience

At Rightpoint, we view Sales Experience as the intersection of Outside-In (Customer) and Inside-Out (Employee) perspectives. Our approach is human-centered—we do not forget the folks providing the service and the people who need it. We rally the team/organization around an aspirational vision that goes beyond the current pain points (e.g., we bring “joy back to selling” for the sales reps by removing friction points and unlocking more time).

Rightpoint ensures the endeavor is less daunting by providing accessible ways to get started and/or chip away at larger efforts. We are ROI-obsessed when it comes to measuring against those efforts. On day 1, we develop an understanding of your KPI goals and desired business outcomes to ensure the solution delivered is positioned for measurement and continuous optimization. 

Enablement is part of our definition of success— we ensure your teams are trained to utilize the tools and capabilities that power the digital experience so that adoption is maximized.

Rightpoint Success Stories

Rightpoint has a proven, proprietary methodology for transforming the Sales Experience. We call it The Rightpoint Way.

Below are some examples of where we have helped clients using The Rightpoint Way.

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