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Digital Workspace

We believe a world-class digital workspace empowers employee autonomy and accountability, connects employees to personalized experiences, and enables efficiency throughout the workforce.

Landing: Digital Workspace - Main Media
Digital Workspace
Landing: Digital Workspace - Main Media

The Digital Workspace is the star of your digital ecosystem – it’s the first place your people will go to get work done, learn, discover, and engage with your organization. Done well, the digital workspace drives improved profitability, brand advocacy and higher employee engagement. The best digital workspaces make your job easier by unifying disparate platforms and technologies into a cohesive, personalized experience supporting broad generational working styles and individual preferences and needs.  

Content and Communications

Personalization, easy access to knowledge and connectivity to people across the enterprise are the most important aspects of any communications intranet. Providing an environment that encourages social engagement and community-building helps connect employees to the organization and to each other, unlocking discretionary effort while increasing morale and performance.

Search and Discovery

Effective and personalized search has always been the secret sauce of great digital workspaces. Search should not require employees to learn new behaviors. Enterprise search provides employees a consumer grade experience, AI-driven personalization and a single-entry point with access to all content, knowledge and expertise. 

Employee Engagement and Communities

The need for effective and engaging digital communities has never been more apparent than in today’s more dispersed workforce. Physical presence carries tremendous weight in fostering group engagement and a sense of mutual belonging. Digital technologies recreate this connection and belonging – both in the moment of active, peer-to-peer connection and over time in persistent spaces. The creation of these community-focused digital spaces supports shared interests, ideation and other forms of social engagement. The digital tools woven into these spaces enable your employees to be as effective and efficient in their interaction “moments” as they were in an office setting.


Collaboration is more than just a place to work with each other, it’s an understanding of how work is done and guiding the organization to the most effective and efficient ways of working. The ability to collaborate, under any circumstance, is a pivotal aspect of an employee’s ability to produce their best daily work. How we work has been disrupted which has provided the opportunity to envision new ways of working; a modern ecosystem of applications and tools working together as a seamless experience.


Knowledge capture and drain have long been two of the largest challenges for organizations and solving these is a key differentiator for the most advanced digital workspaces. New technologies combining behavioral and usage insights, machine learning and AI to create dynamic and adaptive knowledge centers offer an opportunity for many organizations previously unable to dedicate the necessary investment to effectively capture and disseminate knowledge, best practices and expertise.


The addition of people analytics and insights to a digital workspace holds the promise of truly understanding how and organization works and supports its employees. Whether enhancing organizational efficiency, protecting employee wellness, supporting effective managers, creating effective meeting cultures or driving customer centricity; this new area offers untold value.

Equally as large as this promise is the need to be responsible, empathetic and transparent with the use of this data. Rightpoint encourages every org to consider asking these questions when approaching the use of people insights to improve the experience of work.

  • Is your organization effective at making effective and engaged employees?

  • Are your tools effective at supporting your employees?

  • Do your employees feel satisfied and fulfilled with their work?