Jason Fields SVP, Solutions

As the Senior Vice President of Strategy for Rightpoint, Jason is globally responsible for counseling and guiding clients on the correct course of action within their business to meet stated objectives. Overseeing Strategy, Fields collaborates with a team of tenured professionals focused on business, experience, measurement, analytics, social and technology. Jason exposes clients to best practices and modern digital approaches

Since 1998, Jason Fields has been immersed in the ever changing digital world, and shaping the game for his clients digitally. Initially as Vice President of Account Services & Production with Rightpoint, he consulted Fortune 500 clients on globalization, internationalization and translation for the web. He focused on device and user behavior to determine the right digital solutions against business goals and instituted personalization strategies leveraging big data against marketing automation tools to create customized user experiences.

Jason lives and breathes customer experience and brand mission. He sits on several client leadership committee’s providing guidance and input and is regularly called on by partners like Microsoft and Sitecore to educate and inspire their account and sales teams. He is active in sharing his POV through LinkedIn, Rightpoint.com, shapingthegame.com and his own blog, iamjasonfields.com.