Gregory Raiz Chief Innovation Officer

Gregory Raiz graduated from Tufts University and got his start as a Program Manager at Microsoft on Windows XP.  In 2003, Greg founded Raizlabs with a vision to improve lives through design and technology.

Raizlabs hit its stride in 2007 with the launch of Apple’s iPhone. Since then it’s been an Inc 5000 fastest growing company for four years in a row and has launched hundreds of apps including many that have topped the App Store charts for their innovation and design. The products Raizlabs produces have utilized cutting-edge technologies and platforms starting with mobile but extending to Voice, IoT, AI, VR, and more.


Over the last decade, the company has grown substantially and is viewed as a leader in the Boston and San Francisco technology, web, and mobile communities.

Beyond helping start Raizlabs, AltConf, and DrinksOnTap, Greg actively speaks at events and conferences on entrepreneurship, innovation and new technology.

Greg most recently joined Rightpoint’s Leadership Team as Chief Innovation Officer through the acquisition of Raizlabs. Greg is based in Boston and will continue building the culture of innovation throughout Rightpoint, and working with clients to help them digitally transform their businesses using design and innovation thinking.